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  1. Hey guys im reporting a listing of the j58 that went up on grailed recently. 





    I asked where he got i and he said off ebay from italian listing, i did some digging and found it 


    i showed him the link and he Blocked me lol

    the bag is also a dead give away and bag size tag 

    i also did a comparison of my friends authentic one and the fakes tags material percentages are off, it also says POLYAMIDE instead of polyester. 

    here is my friends tag image.jpgThe listing got taken down while posting this lol

    but be careful out there this is a very good fake

  2. its funny how one simple thing can just completely ruin a shoe, if the shoes just had regular cage and toe cap everyone (myself included) would be loving these. Its like a legitimate eyesore looking at these, my eyes cant focus on em lol. 

  3. At first i did not like SS18 stuff in the first couple drops but this last drop has changed my mind. Even though i cant really pull it off i like the direction the brand has been taking. i think the collection or 2 before it got a little repetitive but this collection has been very refreshing and we still got more otw (1 ss18 drop left?). 

  4. 12 minutes ago, hoju said:


    Yeah, doubt it's coming back, but that'd be cool.

    have they modeled anything from ss18 with previous collections pants tho? (genuinely don't know) 

  5. 12 hours ago, jeddyhsu said:

    I remember this. Blake ended up posting their DM convo on twitter and Errolson called him out. He ended up deleting his tweets LOL.


    Yeah E asked me to delete them, i made a mistake posting the DM and i kind of did it out of reaction. I Stopped putting my labels on my commission orders. Im also making a new orignial bag rn and its almost done. the thing with my orders is a large majority of them are from people who can't afford acrnm or cant find it at a good price. My past couple order have been from people who missed out on the foils and don't wanna pay resale. my intention never was to come out like it was my original design but i can defiantly see how it came off as that. I made one 3a copy just to see if i could and posted it. then people hit me up for bags. I offer the same materials and colors as acrnm but for a cheaper price and also my construction is defiantly not as good as E's bags. 90% of my profits go into buying more materials and hardware (soon to be production cost as well) for my new stuff. Another thing is people straight up ask me for 3A copy's and ive had to argue with people that i can't be exactly on point (nor do i wan't to be). I still talk to E in my DM's and im not exiled lol. Sometimes people like to switch it up and make a little bit more different designs but they still want the 3A body. Im not throwing this up here to clash heads and argue but i just wanted to post from my prospective.

  6. 9 hours ago, Nullsleep said:

    On the topic of modulars, has anyone catalogued some of the small-run / DIY stuff being made available?

    I know there is @danii, who else?

    Looking for some more minimal attachments for the J64TS-S along the lines of the 3A-MP2TS and 3A-MZ3.

    Shoot me a DM on IG blakebru97. i can make a lot of modules similar to acrnm.

  7. 2 hours ago, RapGameTaylorSwift said:

    From what I've heard, Acronym has been struggling to keep up with demand and quality of production. I've already heard rumors that even FW17 will be in lower quantities than past seasons so it doesn't surprise me that they are taking SS18 off. I assume it's for similar reasons. 

    Yeah this is true, i talked my local stores owner when i was there for the SS drop. They got sent an email. Seems that production is low enough that a lot of the later contract stores are not even gonna get any stock. 

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