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  1. 6 hours ago, Kamikaze said:

    Did they ever restock the p31? 

    I was hearing they had production delays and would restock but not sure if I missed it 

    Nope, not yet - Thanks for the tip :-) Was considering getting the P10A-DS but if the P31 is getting a restock I'll hold off...

  2. Wishful thinking but I'm hoping some of the other pants get a restock - P31-DS seems like a sleeper hit.

    Ended up grabbing an Alpha Green J33-E......I feel like this is gonna be one of the more versatile pieces Acronym has done.

  3. 14 hours ago, Toilettebun said:

    My nemis (ss18) still bacon'd after 2 weeks of wear 


    3 hours ago, branespload said:

    mine too lol. i kinda have to wear the jacket unzipped now to make it less noticeable

    :( Rats. Just ordered the last medium sized one from Haven, been eyeing it off since forever...Hopefully it doesn't meet the same fate, despite overwhelming odds... 

  4. Great knitwear/neckwear this season. Jacket-wise the J62-S looks like my jam (has it always had a hood?) - I appreciate the understated pieces.

    Also I like it that the modular liner jackets this season seem to come in a sliding scale of potential airport security trouble.

  5. S19-DS is still available in medium on the acrnm site, looked like it had sold out in that size at one point...Felt the 'regret not copping' stage of the acronym cycle and then pounced when I saw I could still get one. That pricetag is bananas though.

  6. So no T-Shirts this season? Or are they saving them for a second drop?

    Probably won't cop anything but I can't say I make the most reasonable online purchasing decisions at 2 in the morning so who knows what will happen. Enjoying the hype regardless.

  7. It looks like a j50-ws no?


    Might well be, the cryptic comment on the photo got my imagination fired up tho. Could be a lighter variant of the J50-WS, maybe more along the lines of the DS-J12TS...But you're probably right  :sleep:

  8. It's far from comprehensive.


    I don't think it's comprehensive and it seems there are always acrnm.com exclusive items so we'll see


    Fear alleviated, thanks...


    https://www.instagram.com/p/BDCJh_ay-nk/ <-- Got my fingers crossed that the bomber-looking jacket pictured here is part of the forthcoming SS16 drop. Hoping to pick up my first piece of Acronym outerwear this season.

  9. Would love to see a lighter spin on the bomber jacket they did for AW15, but it doesn't seem like it'll happen if that stock list from eliminator is comprehensive...

  10. Anyone in Tokyo looking for Acronym: Hit up Tomorrowland in Shibuya, Edition in Shinjuku or Journal Standard in Harajuku.


    I picked up a P10A-CH lower-body containment system from Tomorrowland - My first piece of Acronym. They're superb. I'm presuming I don't need fire-retardent bulletproof pants that allow for roundhouse kicking motions to occur but it's nice to know that stuff is built in.


    Long time lurker here btw. Glad to finally join in : )

  11. Love those cargo pants, the silhouette is very 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'. Bomber looks incredible. Erlsn annihilates the technical apparel game once again.

    Online stock seems to be evaporating quickly, hoping I can find some in Tokyo myself.

  12. <snip>


    Not sure if anyone has seen, but this just came out. A first ever English translation of Murakami's first two novels. Just got them and am super excited to read, apparently these are a totally different style than his later books.


    I picked up a copy the other day, accidentally thinking it was new Murakami that I was unaware of - I'm enjoying it, I'd say it's still very much like his later work.


    The Australian edition is very well designed, it has two front covers on either side.


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