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  1. It really bothers me that the designs on the t-shirts this season use the same technique everyone discovers the first time they open up Adobe Illustrator: Draw a random shape using the pen tool then add a stroke and crank the size until there are pointy bits sticking out of it everywhere. For some reason this triggers a visceral negative reaction in me.



  2. 4 minutes ago, scamster said:

    @LowLevelViolence was thinking of doing the same with my maroon blazers what glue did you use?

    It's Helmar Fabric Glue, but I'm sure any brand would work.

    7 minutes ago, brainerd666 said:

    Here’s your next arts and crafts project

    Considered it :smile:

  3. 2 hours ago, jeddyhsu said:

    "The shoe is almost giving people a platform. It is not a finished product. The point is to finish it yourself, and I think that is a great and healthy way to look at the world."

    I took this to heart and actually glued down the lasercut bits on my black blazers. Felt kinda stupid at first, but the fact that it arrived scuffed did make me feel at ease with modding it and I like the way it looks a lot better now...Errolson playing 4D chess with this design...

    Totally wish I had the black heel clips though, if anyone with the other colourway wants to swap black heel clips for the volt ones that come with the black blazers shoot me a DM...

  4. 55 minutes ago, EncoreAsylum said:

    I'm not mad I'm actually laughing.

    Good post haha.

    Anyway. What does everyone think of that J16-GT? I feel like it's doing too much but maybe erlsn isn't aiming at me.

  5. 1 hour ago, Cornuto said:

    Think that’s bad, try having size 13 shoes. 

    So much stuff I hafta take a pass on. 

    Got those too :( Character creator sliders set to random ass body

  6. 6 hours ago, fasttimes said:

    2021 and people are still sizing up and down on a piece by piece basis

    Wow TTS privilege smdh. Some of us are Extra Medium you know :sad:

  7. 39 minutes ago, undercover73 said:

    Not sure if this has been already posted but what times the drop on the mothersite?

    Per hanon blog: "The ACRONYM SS21 Drop launches at HANON on MONDAY, March 22nd, at 17:00GMT." - So presumably same time for mothersite? Nothing on erlsns instagram.

  8. 5 hours ago, BRICK DOM said:

    Looks like a new way to load the gravity pocket with the powermesh on the fore arm for the j1a? Also, umit’s j1a fit is really weird lol.

    Huge if true. Catch me dropping stuff in then reloading like

  9. It's neat and all, definitely looks cool and the design feels initially abrasive and off-balance but cooler the more you look at it (like some of the best acronym designs imo), but: This really just seems like an exercise in branding. Just a few neat flourishes on a stock laptop that may or may not be good to begin with. Would love to be proven wrong. The air-packaging is totally sick though.

    I had thought that the included software was some custom acronym thing but no, it's an already existing prouct made by Erlsns brother:


    Sort of a mind-mapping tool / outliner sort of thing, a bit more visually oriented than these things usually are (logofont looks familiar, wonder if erlsn had a hand) I actually really love tools like this (I had been using workflowy) and I'll definitely give this a look.

  10. 2 hours ago, IzunaK said:

    Yeah, during the Fall/Winter I generally layer up with a hoodie, or some sort of lighter insulated layer, like the Atom LT from Arc'teryx. I can get away with light insulators and hoodies in my J1A, but the most I can really get away with on my J47 is a long sleeve sweater.

    I'm normally a 44 inch chest, but I size up in jackets for layering reasons.

    So I'd assume to grab an L if I plan on doing some layering with it, then?

    Can't be certain but L seems like it might suit you better, yeah. Esp if you wear L size for the other jackets. I'm planning on getting my next shell in an L size.

  11. 1 hour ago, IzunaK said:

    What's sizing like on the J33-E? Kinda looking for something slightly longer, and non-GTX, but I'm kinda torn between the M or L.  

    For reference, I do wear an L in the J1A 2.2, and the J47R, but the J47 definitely feels a little slimmer in an L.

    I am somewhere between M and L, and have a J33-E in M. Fits fine with a t-shirt/thin sweater but layer anything else like a down jacket layer and it starts to get a little bit snug. So I would say it's probably slightly relaxed M or TTS with layering taken into account? Hope that helps. Really nice jacket, especially if you like the more understated Acronym pieces.

  12. Me: Mum, can we get Acronym?

    Mum: We have Acronym at home...

    Acronym at home:

    32 minutes ago, Inkinsurgent said:

    Not strictly acronym related news but culturally/historically significant: firmament berlin now stocks enfin leve.

  13. 9 hours ago, RapGameTaylorSwift said:

    While I admit I haven't gotten to wear any ACR gear lately, when I do have to go outside, is there anything that feels more appropriate to the current state of affairs than Acronym right now? 

    Yeah, buying secondhand :mellow:

  14. Some sort of poster up on the mother site. The most affordable acronym anything you’ll ever buy. 

    Edit: there was a zine too but it’s sold out. You guys are quick. 

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