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  1. I’m also in the exotic to vintage type denim bracket.

    After wearing heavy Iron Heart, stubby Samurai, mixed fabric Sugar Cane (while amazing in their own right) it ultimately came off as gaudy IMO.

    Resolute, Warehouse, Fullcount etc to me pass off as “the way jeans should be” without coming off as gaudy or even cartoony. 

    I feel way over the top wearing $200 tees and $50 socks with $400 flannels. 

    Even with the money to burn it’s just not my style. (Id make an exception for Flathead tho...)

  2. I wanted to sell a pair of new Resolute 710s sized too large for me to a friend of mine for $100.

    He was very hesitant even with the heavy discount. When I showed it to him he said hell no, I wouldn’t buy those.

    I was flabbergasted.
    He thought they’re ugly and wondered how I pay $250 for em.

    But I realize (and I was like this too) a lot of guys don’t put any consideration into how their clothes fit, especially lengthwise.

    Many get turned off when they’re not super slim and tapered but a nice, fuller silhouette hemmed to proper length. 

    My friend seemed more receptive to the typical “denim head” look. 

    Personally I don’t do the “city lumberjack” look and avoid wearing a beanie, flannel or boots in the same outfit. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, lance said:

    That’s dedication, j0el2, great evo!

    Thanks dude!

    I have a one and done approach for a lot of type of things but I definitely understand variety and wanting something new and fresh.

  4. Funny, I was on instagram and just got a notification that Hayashi's wife had gone live and I notice that they are driving by a freeway exit I take all the time. 

    Hayashi is going to be at the store Brogue (never heard of it) in Menlo Park (California) tomorrow, Sunday.

    Its about a 30 minute drive from my house, so I may drive down to meet him and have my 710's signed! 

  5. I was under the impression that a OW pair would've shrank a bit more so I sized up but they came a little too loose.

    They're a size 33 x 28, bought and hemmed at Blue in Green. Up for trade or sale if anyone is interested??


    I just got the invoice from Naoki for a size 31 raw. I need to stop spending money


    Research for sizing seems to never end..

    I didn't realize these were available in "odd" sized lengths like 29", 31" etc so I could've avoided paying and waiting to get them separately hemmed and losing .3" to original LO taper.


    At least now I know, right? Geez

  6. I was eyeing those on their Instagram too!

    That fabric is beautiful! I hope they're accessible to the west cause I'd def cop.

  7. HC is going huh?

    Ive been looking at a pair of the slims but they were too similar in detail to my Brown Duck Diggers..(is that brand also discontinued? Also Copper King?)

    Im just waiting on my next paycheck so I can finally get myself a pair of 1945 DD and saw that they never restocked a lot of their other brands.

    The Hellers denim have a 7x10 weave and look pretty sweet super washed out.


  8. Nice fades.

    I think you'd be able to reach that hue washing/drying more constantly tho.

    Big mistake I made was thinking I had to follow the borderline superstitious advice given about washing/drying. 



  9. Thanks! @DoitsuJin

    They are the Ivy Slims. I wanted the straights but found none in my size and now theyre all sold out on their site!

    You should definitely post the progress of your Duck Diggers. I dont believe theres many faded ones around..

  10. Looking to get a pair of Resolutes for my bday. 

    Im really into that washed out look and was wondering those pairs with the crazy train tracks and fades undergo to achieve that?

    Ive been wearing a pair of Brown Duck Diggers with good train tracks but nothing drastic like the washed out Resolutes Ive seen posted online.

  11. Did WH merge their Duck Digger line with Brown-Duck & Digger?

    Im interested in buying a pair of DD1945 and I noticed they dont make pairs like the Whiskey Cat and other older pairs under Duck Digger. 

    Does anyone have a worn in pair from these older Duck Digger models? Ive already seen the ones posted way back in this thread and want more info. 

  12. IH makes some tops that age really well and their hoodies are something else.

    The green one has faded nicely but I like how my black one hasnt really at all. IHs black stays that way.

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