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  1. SallyKolchine

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Those pants aren't the infamous "gloom" colorway are they, Duke? Always wish Freewheelers would pull that one out of the archives.
  2. SallyKolchine


    Waist: 76 cm Thigh: 28 cm Front Rise: 28.5 cm Back Rise: 37.5 cm Inseam: 76 cm Hem: 21 cm
  3. SallyKolchine


    alas, got these 700s back in April but the fit just isn't me if anyone's interested (first owner had them chain stitch hemmed but if you're 5' 10" or below I bet you can still get a decent cuff out of em)
  4. SallyKolchine


    Interesting how many of the F/W teasers resemble previous models back from the Heller's Cafe days (those buckleback especially). Wonder why that contract was ended if Warehouse was moving away from earlier repro-inspired stuff only to circle back to it? All that aside, the washed jean models seem like more than just a phase...
  5. SallyKolchine


    That sneak peek leather A-1 from the autumn collection they just posted today is utterly drool-worthy...
  6. SallyKolchine


    Hey folks, anyone overseas aware of a store still carrying a small size or two in the 1003xx 45' or 46' models? Very very late to the game I'm afraid
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