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    @discwork Curious what size you went with vs your regular in other brands. I've never owned any TCB but I'm a true 29 in pretty much every other brand and that chart shows I'd be going up 2-3 sizes (at least based on the waist measurements). Or am I looking at this wrong?
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    Shoes that look better with age...

    Hey ya'll, wondering if anyone could weigh in on a sizing question I've got about Clinch boots? I've dug up a fair amount of size comparisons between Clinch and other brands from this forum and some others but still curious what other folks' experience are with Clinch sizing? I'm a 7.5 both in my Rolling Dub Trio Coupens and Viberg Boondockers. I know most people say to size down a half to a full Brannock size?
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