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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    @THE_D thanks. my current 1915collab left indigo stain on my down jacket's hem and sleeves, despite 2 soaks some months back. any idea on removing the stain off the down? i wouldn't care less if it was mine, but it belongs to my mate. rgarding the shady buckle: what a bummer. i found almost_nice's improvised buckle (pg 672) pretty neat, i used clothes hangar instead, no need for re-sewing. @airfrogusmc thanks for the link. i ordered 20 of them, in 1.5" by mistake (!!smack my head), but they fit '15 alright. but left them in my home country.
  2. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    has anyone purchased a 1915s from the current batch ( i know it's a different batch because the sizing is more accurate than the one i bought sometime back)? any improvement in the back-cinch buckle?
  3. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    @ Lance wrt aeroleather's steep shipping rate, you could request for Royal Mail International Signed-For. It costs me GBP20, relatively cheaper. Twice, the jeans reached my Singapore residence in 2 weeks. Anyway, i wished i had ordered 1933 before the price hike. does anyone has a 1933 with NRA tag (tag size 30, or tts w29) to let go?
  4. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    hi everyone. don't mean to break the chain on discussion about sales and lvd47. being new to lvc and quality denim, i've some questions. atm, i'm only at page 910 of this lvc, but i thought i forward my query. some pages before page 910, someone mentioned about 1937 201xx being a fictitious model, despite being made at valencia street. may i know what makes it fictitious? isn't 37 the first model with hidden rivets and san-suspender/buttons? what are the differences between the regular 1937s and the 201xx? what's the story behind the creation of 201xx? (i just scored a pair of 201xx from ebay, the denim feels thicker than '09/47 and '15, i'll use it for my bmx dirt-riding.) cheers!