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  1. 20 minutes ago, Bobbo said:

    So good! Have you mended them yourself?

    Thanks! Not me - repairs were done by @chicote a year or two ago, he posted about it in the denim repair thread I think.


    Edit: his posts are here, bout halfway down


  2. I have a pair of 1101 in sz 31 that fit okay just out of the wash but quickly stretch out way too large (enough so that I gave them to my brother). I wanted to pick up a pair of 1108s with arcs while I can, thinking a size 30 would be a good bet. What do you guys think?

  3. I've got a size L with a few washes/dries of varying temperatures. Measures at a 21.5" chest, 19.5" shoulders, 25.5" long (from top of rear collar to bottom of hem). No serious shrinkage except it shortened up a bit after the first wash.

  4. Hey all,

    I've been getting a lot of pity points lately. Chicote is going to fix my SDAs that got wrecked and now my wonderful GF wants to buy me a new pair. I'm trying to keep it low budget, thinking the SC1947 at ~130 is my best best, or maybe a pair of TCB 50s but that's a little more expensive. Any options I'm missing in a similar price bracket? Looking for a simple straight cut pair to serve as my new daily wear. 


    Edit: oops I meant to post in the other stickied thread.

  5. Thanks again everybody.

    14 hours ago, Iron Horse said:

    Glad you're doing well; did the crash do that to your belt? If so, looks badass. 

    Yeah, rubbed a significant portion away as I slid. Something similar happened to my skin on one shoulder.


  6. Thanks guys.

    That is a very generous offer Chicote, these jeans have been through a lot with me and I would love to have them wearable again. I will take you up on that in the next few days. 

  7. SG hoodie, 2-3yrs wear. Was wearing it when I dumped my bike on the highway, shredded it pretty well. Don't ride without proper gear. Check SDA thread for more pics.



    Have a great 4th, stay safe.

  8. Thanks for the input. Yeah I agree a hem would clean up the fit but it's too late for me, these are stuck at their full length. It would break my heart to cut off the factory hem at this point.

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