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  1. Thanks so much for sharing meccaNIZM!
  2. meccaNIZM - Sounds like the outlier clip is not secured (loose) enough? What kind of other clips are you using?
  3. I can confirm that my FW15 ACG 2 in 1 jacket's liner can be zipped into my J1B-S. I can't see any gaps sand seem to be identical zip. You are right about the sleeve connectors.
  4. WTB: P24A-DS
  5. FS J46-S
  6. Has anyone got the S15-DS or LA6-DS here? If you have one, does it come with the tag? I like to know what the fabric manufacturer/technology is. Thanks
  7. FS: J49-SS Size Small Just tried it on only Price: USD1100 + shipping. Any questions please ask.