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  1. dannyeli


    Mistakes happen, and its frustrating. But I thought this was the fairest way to resolve the issue. Given how some people have complained in the past about their customer service, I felt that the replies came really fast and they offered a fair resolution for it. Can't say I'm dissatisfied with the service lol
  2. dannyeli


    Just an update, got an email from the customer svc, and this is what they sent me, "...please confirm with us that you would indeed want to have the AuxZip repaired on our J63A-FO by replying to this email. We are willing to cover all return and repair costs to correctly revise this flaw by providing you with a respective UPS label. Please note that repair time will be roughly 2-3 weeks, so you would receive your corrected jacket within 1 month of return departure -- barring unforeseen circumstances (potential delays due to customs, inclement weather, etc.)" In another follow-up email to the one on top. "...All duties and fees for the second delivery of the repaired jacket to you will be covered by ACRONYM." Just waiting for them to send me the UPS label now I guess.
  3. dannyeli


    Hope they provide a reasonable solution, might not return if I have to pay duties on them again. Just sucks to pay so much and receive a product with this kind of defect.
  4. dannyeli


    Just sent an email to them and they replied acknowledging the flaw. Fingers crossed they resolve this in a reasonable time frame lol. A friend just told me that the notre shop model also has the same flaws in the jacket he wore in their product shots. (the zip entry point is on the left side instead of the right)
  5. dannyeli


    Oh fuck me, yes it is. lol, I just took out my hardshell to compare. I didn't think of it. Thanks for letting me know!
  6. dannyeli


    Received the J63A today. Quite pleased with how it feels and looks, they do look better in person than in the product shots. Abit wary of the pockets as they really feel like the packing paper which came with the jacket and could tear open anytime. The jacket is extremely light but only time will tell how well they hold up. I don't have the PB version so I can't really compare. Happy to provide any details which you guys might want. Sizing wise I'm 183cm and 90kg and a large fit me perfectly. Uploaded a shitty pic so you guys can see how it fits.