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  1. WTS RAF P10A-S (XL) Modest 8/10 (just because its not new I guess) Zero fades zero rips Pm if you need more pics (specify angles if you need to) Asking US$750 shipped via FedEx
  2. WTB ballistic 8l in black.
  3. lets goooooooo
  4. Wtb P24a-s L in Raf. Hit me up if you have a pair for sale!
  5. WTS BNIB most recent drop 3A-1 (right-handed). US$1000 shipped anywhere.
  6. WTB J1B-S BLACK in XL
  7. Thank you for the reply and the advice!
  8. Just a question for you guys here, I'm new to the game here and I'm looking for a J1B-S (Black) in XL, what would be a reasonable price spectrum for it ? Saw one on Grailed, but price is higher than its retail, so I'm abit confused. Thank you!
  9. @jward Received the package! props to a fantastic and reliable seller.
  10. WTS Nike x Acronym Presto Sz L in bamboo DS Condition Based in Asia. Traded on Grailed multiple times. pm me
  11. That's what I was hoping for! Thanks for the clarification!
  12. alright cool thanks for the headsup! Anyway, I saw some pics of the Hakama Pants, they look pleated in front, but on the lookbook pics they don't appear to be pleated, anyone has any idea ?
  13. Thanks! So I should size up by 1 ?
  14. Anyone knows how the upstreamer tee fits ?
  15. WTB brigadier mid-folk, preferably in camel sz 10. Thank you.