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  1. I went for olive...the colors are really versatile, it fits in nicely with the rest of the Acronym color palette. Even though its one of the more subdued versions of the jacket its still quite a statement piece if thats what you're going for.



    definitely purple. not a lot stockists for the purple one. 


    Thanks guys. :)

    @hurhur - Purple does looks dope. It's kinda growing on me.

    @jediswayze - Olive is super versatile and easy to match imo.


    Question is to go safe with Olive or loud with purple..   :dry:  

  2. Dude, 1 page. 1 PAGE.

    That's right @Sypron... Thanks... 


    Looking for SS-CP2F, not CP1F...  


    PM me, if anyone is willing to part with it for a pretty penny.. (Size S pls) 

    Wanna get for my GF... :)


    And an MK3 X-Pac for myself..


    Have a great week ahead guys! Cheers!

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