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  1. Just back from an unforgettable trip to Iceland. Here are a few of my Tender items I brought with me. I think the low tension cotton sateen has to be one of my favorite fabrics yet.
  2. Love the new season William. Here are a few pics of the shirt, undershirt and socks I received not too long back.
  3. Love the new shirts William, the true Khaki color is beautiful
  4. William, I've been seeing some of the new items pop up. They look amazing. I'm glad to see you brought the wattle back, my favorite!
  5. So happy for you two. What a way to start the summer. ps. what's your babies name?
  6. flattered to say the least.
  7. Thanks William, I know you're super busy and appreciate the response. Anxiously awaiting all the new releases. It's always great seeing all the new dyes and fabrics you work with.
  8. William, the new season of clothing looks really great! I love to see more photos of the sweater if possible, the hat looks amazing! Also, the photo of Deborah clipping leaves, what material is her shirt (dark blue)?
  9. Great news! I love the hats and am stoked to hear this. I think I can speak for the entire forum when I say we always love to see teasers just saying
  10. Any hats/beanies in Tenders future, William? Can't wait to see the new season of items.
  11. I did another experimental dye. I had the Stock Collar shirt in Carrot that I was hoping would fade faster than it was, so I decided to dye it with a denim blue. It turned out kind of a dull purple. See what you think. Before Dye: After Dye: The carrot stills peaks out, which I like and think will look better with some wear and washes:
  12. I did my first experimentation with dyeing and used a few of my Tender items. I dyed some socks, a pair of shorts and jacket. The socks were pretty faded and both the jacket and shorts where white/ecru and just not getting enough wear. Here are the results, far from professional but still pretty cool looking. All of them will definitely get more wear now with the new color. Cool too to see the variation of fabrics getting different results from the same dye. PS. This was the jacket that I added length onto. Notice the original Tender stitching picked up the dye while the altered stitching stayed white.
  13. Got my pregnant wife to purchase her first Tender item. Here she is with a TYPE 411 PULLOVER SHIRT in Grey LogwoodMy son couldn't help but add his face too...
  14. Beautiful shirt Mvk, here is a shot of a few Tender items including a 428 short sleeve shirt (new favorite from past season), Type 420 shirt and a unfinished wollen box cloth coat dyed with ochre.
  15. Just take it already, beautiful William