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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    PSA here are measurements of 1101w size 32 after a couple hours of wear: Waist - 33"Thigh - 12.25"FR - 11"BR - 15"Inseam - 34"LO - 8" Selling these if anyone is interested. Trying to figure out how the new marketplace thing works.
  2. Orslow

    Interested in the slim fatigues as well. What size are yours? I'd love to get some real world measurements on size 4 before I order if anyone has them. I've found a few different size charts with varying measurements.
  3. 3sixteen Jeans

    Same. I wish they'd offer the CS cut / shadow denim
  4. Full Count Denim Thread

    Saw that shirt last week on denimio but they are sold out. I've been trying to track one down in my size. How do you like it?
  5. Eternal Jeans

    My 888's stretched back to at least their raw size in the waist eventually and I hot wash every few months
  6. Shoes that look better with age...

    Truman Boot Co in natty CXL. Admittedly not the most exciting for a MTO boot but I'm not a guy with a huge rotation and didn't want something too wild. Took about 9 weeks to get these after I made the order. Really happy with the fit and quality of these boots. Pics are after a couple of wears. Here they are with my Eternals and Chups
  7. 3sixteen Jeans

    Thanks! I plan to! Definitely fills in a wardrobe gap for me
  8. 3sixteen Jeans

    Always wanted to pickup some 3sixteen gear. Until now I've only had one of the heavyweight pocket tees. I grabbed these short sleeve button downs on Grailed last week and really excited to sport these all summer. Guessing they are from the past season or two but all in completely perfect condition and fit me exactly as I was hoping. Now I'm thinking about the CT120 for my next pair of denim!
  9. The Flat Head

    Anybody have one of the sterling key hooks? Concerned it could either be easy to have my keys slip off and lose them or be a pain to get them on / off every time. But I hate putting my keys in my pockets.
  10. The Flat Head

    If it helps I posted my size 34 3012 measurements a page or two back in this thread
  11. The Flat Head

    Fully agree about the front pockets...wish they were cut a bit bigger.
  12. The Flat Head

    Hey guys, I will try to get a fit pic up after I have them hemmed. Just not sure I'm ready for my debut on the sufu catwalk I agree I wish the leg opening was closer to 7.75 or 8" and they would be perfect.
  13. The Flat Head

    My 3012s arrived and I am seriously pleased. Ordered from 2nd and it worked out great. I've had a run of mis-sizing denim lately and really glad to find a new pair that is going to work well - and couldn't be happier that its TFH pioneer denim to boot! Size 34 (raw vs post wash) W 17.75 / 16.5 T 13.25 / 12.5 I 37.5 / 34.75 LO 7.75 / 7.25 FR 11.5 / 10.75 BR 16 / 15.25 The post wash sizes above included a hot agitated soak and a hot machine wash. This is prior to wearing at all so does not consider any stretching. The hem should be about 7.5" after I have them chain-stitched. My only complaint was the rise is a bit lower than spec and that was my real reason for wanting this cut. However, its long enough for me. Can't wait to break em in
  14. The Flat Head

    After a lot of waffling between FH 3012s and Sam 0500xx I've finally ordered a pair of 3012s. Hope mine turn out as well as the ones above. Thanks for posting measurements - confirms I made the right choice in going with a 34. BTW great tile work in that bathroom
  15. Samurai Jeans

    Considering picking up either S710s or S0500s. Leaning towards the S0500s though. Any ideas if the 15oz denim holds onto its indigo a bit longer than the 19oz?