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  1. DenimMayCry

    Sugar Cane Denim

    My BuzzRickson's x SugarCane Peacoat Is made from the jungle cloth. Without finding my catalogue from that year I believe It talks about contraband Indigo Items at the time but servicemen were using them because It was easier to keep clean and did not show up stains as much etc. It notes that the fabric Is good for keeping out the wind chill.
  2. DenimMayCry

    Buzz Rickson

    That Peacoat looks great, I noticed that Its a longer version too. I own a Buzz Rickson's x Sugar Cane Indigo dyed Peacoat that I bought In Tokyo 4 years ago. I can honestly say that It Is one of the best coats that I have ever purchased, Its very warm. Personally I think that Peacoat looks fantastic, I would buy It If I was looking for another.
  3. DenimMayCry

    Evisu is still loved!

    Last time I tried posting pics It just would not happen but I will try again later In the coming week.
  4. DenimMayCry

    Evisu is still loved!

    The 17oz denim Is great, I love mine! I actually prefer the 2000T cut on the models that do It, I have both no.2 and Cimosa Indaco In 2000T and I'm happy with the slimmer tapered fit. If you want something uneven and slubby/rough then check out the Petero and GataGata models, I have both and also like them a lot. The Petero comes In 2 weights one being 18oz but just a heads up the Petero denim takes time to fade. Again be wary of the leg lengths though! I'm happy with every pair of Japanese bought Evisu that I have, you can't go wrong with any model providing that you like the fit. I always go custom paint but If It bothers you get plain pockets. The 17oz no.1 denim Is top notch In my opinion, I went raw but the lighter weight Tiger Is also available In pre-shrunk.
  5. DenimMayCry

    Evisu is still loved!

    Just to let people know, the Ueno store Is closed, although Evisu JP still have It listed on the website! I was In Ueno last week so I can confirm this. Its Daikanyama only now for Tokyo.