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  1. 16 hours ago, AvantSol said:

    J43A-GT is a jacket that is cool in concept that was executed badly(collar wise). Best thing to do is just wait if they re-release and improve it.

    What was wrong with the collar?

  2. i don't think any home method would do - stotz is so densly woven that it won't absorb dye and will just leave dirt on the surface, please correct me however if someone had any success with home dyes

  3. I'm not an expert on clothing construction, but just as a regular user of both I feel like little things make that I find myself wearing ameztu more - for example placement of the articulaiton in DS fabric, better knee articulation (less knee bag, still same movement), angle of the back pockets, double snap,  overall sizing (works in my case though, might be entirely different for somebody else).

  4. Really like J81-WS from this drop, J82 is a bit costumey for me, P35 would be great without the strap.

    speaking of ameztu they fit me much better than p10, at least they upgraded the moto cut


  5. That's really cool actually, now I can carry all my 4 phones at once.

    For the resemblance to UF-PRO - that makes sense, most of the Acronym pants are based on already existing pants (p10 are motorbike pants, p23 are also based on some military pant from the past).

  6. 1 hour ago, lopiteaux said:

    Agree... I always saw their implementation of the drop crotch as meeting the needs of martial artists. I found this pretty clear from their videos, the close resemblance to the "real thing", and of course, this quote:

    "I was always trying to find pants that I could wear and kick in"

    While I really love the dropcrotch silhouette, again, who would wear acronym pants to practice any martial arts? With the current pricing people are afraid to damage the pieces in easy everyday wear, let alone in any activity that would risk getting the 1500$ pants ripped or stained.

    With the raise of the pricing acronym is losing their real performance context, and becomes a fashion brand purely. It changes from "made for <certain activity> to look of the garment inspired by <certain activity>.

    And again, I'm completely fine with them raising the prices (it's their brand, they can do whatever they want if people still buy), I'm just observing how it's changing what the brand is.

  7. 1 hour ago, rogerhuangxj said:

    Neither 2 rows of tecsys webbings nor a dryskin tank top worth 700 euros.

    Although we love all the stuff, we have to admit that the price is kind of unreasonable.

    The shorts and the tank top is a joke.

  8. I think the influence is visible, but calling it a straight ripoff is unfair/inaccurate when literally everyone is making black tapered cargos at the moment.

    Also that's what p10 actually are



    and it has been done long before and after acronym (by aitor throup for example)



    But well, everything is taken from somewhere these days, and things look exactly the same sometimes, I'm just a bit triggered when acronym is seen as a pinnacle of civilisation. But hey, it's only clothes ;)

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