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  1. itchiest

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

  2. itchiest

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    hahaha why yall niggas be dressin like gothic keebler elf.. lemme help yall niggas out cuz I Know you dont be getting ANY girls with this shit.. damn ok ok. so lemme just start with dis. NO MORE CROPPED PANTS yall be lookin like peter pan with dem shits. alright alright now now listen u need some POLO RALPH LAUREN.. then you need some good jeans like but they cant be knock offs ok? you needs some gotdamn....... truey, robbins, or just some decent levis aight? shoes can be anything but nona these gay ass heeled boots nigga this aint the revolutionary war aight? we already been through all tht shit no more slaves no more whigs. aight aight now now you gon need a clean fade, 3 inches up.. and cut your damn fingernails like shit... got dam how yall even go outside LMAO
  3. itchiest

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    you're being very mean
  4. itchiest

    soak baby.... yeahhhhhhh (clothing fetish videos)

    Was chillin wit one of my bros at the clubs, half wasted, invited him back to the my room, ended foamed up fully clothed in baggy saggin gear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klq09uQZGH4
  5. itchiest

    Dropping a stack for a wallet chain

    ive seen a lot of denim guys with chains and huge wallets i dont like them because my wallet is tiny and i dont want a big ass weight hanging off my pants
  6. itchiest

    WAYWT Shoes Edition

    thats kinda gay
  7. itchiest

    Salsa Heat

    hot to be honest
  8. bro what the fuck kind of advanced manbun combover baldness-coverup project is this? CIA shit.. and wheres your shoes kick stand? id snatch that jacket off your back so quick if i saw you IrL. peace
  9. itchiest

    ******ThE DoG ThReAD******

  10. itchiest

    Superfashion randoms thoughts

    ^i dont really browse tumblr but im p sure it was sparked by raf stans?????? seems recent enough
  11. itchiest

    Lets Talk Sandals.

  12. itchiest

    yes or no? / this or that?

    ^get the coat I have one and I wear it all the time cycling, pretty nice but know what you're getting into when you're purchasing a rubberized coat (ur gona fuckin sweat buddy) idk anything about their sweats and those shoes are pretty ugly i think
  13. itchiest


    got my air max 95s on white boys gonna get shined on slice ur moms throat now her life gone play ur girl like chess, she a pawn when u try and come back at me ? i yawn
  14. how much you think these will go for ^ assuming like 200 usd
  15. itchiest

    lets talk cons...chucks, jacks anything...

    ^will you ever post your shoe collection