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  1. Dude,
    Generally if there is a restock it is quiet and happens before a new model comes out (For example, the Kinda Special had a ~20-30 pair restock a few weeks after release), but never have I seen him go back and make the exact same jean again.  


    From my understanding, he sets his shop up for a particular project and that's that - once he moves onto the next project that article of clothing will never be made again.


    Maybe he'll feel nostalgic and use those rivets again one day, but I'm pretty sure it'd be on a different pair of pants.


    Not a bad way to work if you ask me - makes each piece an artifact.

  2. Just dried these after their first wash - I love a freshly washed pair of denim - colors be popping.jDZvlTE.jpgI tried to get the color right in post, but it's never perfect...definitely some contrast peeking through but probably not as pronounced as this photo in person.


    These probably have ~40-60 wears?  I've had them a year but they don't get on my body too often...

  3. Cuss,

    Just an FYI - I tried to downsize my 47s (bought size 31 raw) and post-soak, the waist was snug but wearable.  The real problem was fairly subtle, but came from the rise/tapered waist combo.  Because the waist is nice and tapered, the crotch was riding up when I sat.  Basically, frontal wedgies.


    I sit for a living (whoo computers), so I couldn't wear them very long without sore crotch.  


    I thought maybe they'd stretch, but after a few days of pain I gave up and went for a 32.  They fit perfectly.

    I'm not sure how you'd make sure that isn't an issue on the 34s - beyond trying the one-wash 34 on in the store and sitting/walking around a lot.


    Good luck.

  4. Interesting...we shall see.  If that's the case they may be up for adoption after a wash or 2!

    While I don't disagree that they shrink each wash - I find that they generally shrink back to about where they were after the first soak each time.  So you wear ~30-60 times, they stretch out and get super comfy, then you wash them and they come in a bit snugger and fit even better, then repeat.  

    I doubt you'll find them smaller than after that first soak, it's more of a stretch-shrink cycle so when they finally settle they're just perfect for your body.


    But all of this is conjecture since this is a never before used denim.


    I fall back in love with my Roy's each wash.  Here are my RS04s last time I washed them:


  5. Ugh I own too many Roys but it was hard not to buy these.
    (edit: ugh as in those look awesome and I want them in my closet/on my body)



    Fit looks great post-soak and will probably get better with each wash.

    Re: Cuffing, I tend to think in a similar vein and have super long legs - the inseam is perfect for non-cuffed, but when rocking sneakers or some awesome socks I will cuff them and get sock and selvedge, so mine aren't exclusively cuffed or non-cuffed.

  6. I wish there was a secret - I have a L NOS Chambray in Black that is a size too big.  I've washed it once on cold but didn't get any shrinkage.  I'm scared to wash it on warm because my machine is crap and last time I washed a pair of jeans on warm I totally demolished one of Roy's patches.


    Maybe I should just BST it as is, but I would love for it to fit.

  7. Coolguy, I'd definitely suggest sticking with a slimmer cut if you want a slim fit, I tried to downsize my 1947s, having tried on the one-wash and been able to button them, I figured it'd be all good.  So I bought the same size, but raw (31).  My normal size is a 32.

    Because of the tapered waist and the rise, the crotch was seriously snug.  I work from home, sit a lot of the day, and my ball were seriously aching after a few hours.  I know the rise is long, but the way the pants are built, it was riding me hard.

    I ended up getting a size 32 and the fit is a lot fuller, but they are my most comfortable pair of jeans.  I'd consider getting the 2009s if I didn't already have too many jeans...

    Moral of the story - not sure downsizing '47s was an option in my case.

  8. ^erase,

    Im happy to try and re-imagine some more length if you like ;)

    Or perhaps you might care to wear them 'cuffed-lots-of-break'?




    I did have the thought yesterday that "Roy should really make some shorts" (I generally dream of Roy making all of my clothing)...uhoh bad thoughts...

  9. Cheeky Mention: - Roy RS1 size 32 for sale in Sig.

    For sale due to being too small (My other roys are size 33&34)


    Thank you for hemming these too short for me...otherwise I would be very tempted.



    Maybe Roy can do a re-release the Big Bro Shirt?

    Personally I'd prefer to see a Chore coat or jacket of some sort...but then again I snagged a Big Bro shirt so maybe I am a jerk (:

  10. They must be the X008 as it says they have 2% stretch, measure as follows (size 27):

    Waist: 13.75"

    Front Rise: 11"

    Thight: 9"


    Hem 5.75"

    Inseam: 32.25"


    This was done with the SE method.


    Let me know if there is interest...I'm moving soon so I'll put these up with some other stuff soon/officially...

  11. I have a pair of Donna's in size 27, unworn with tags that I'd let go for a good price.  Ladyfriend never wore them and they don't fit her any longer...  I keep meaning to post them...let me know if you want measures.

  12. thanks, everything sounds good, although the chest and shoulders sound a litle bit snug for a Large.


    is Large your regular size, how do you find the fit?

    I have the WS-1 in a medium and, while I do wear it all the time, it is definitely very small on me.

    I think the Large Big Bro shirt is a much better fit for me, more room to move, I can button the collar without feeling the slow strangle.  Probably should have a large in Roy stuff...bought the WS-1 second hand though so no choice on size (:

    I am 6'3" 180-190 lbsish.  I am long limbed so the shirt fits me kind of like they fit Roy in the SE pics, sleeves just above the wrist.

    Also wear a L buzz rickson sweatshirt (great fit), 42 in flathead western (snug like the roy WS1), L in mister freedom NOS Chambray (Plenty of room)...hope that helps!  If I can remember to take fit pics I'll post them...

  13. Would anyone with a Big Bro shirt in size Large care to post up some post-soak measurements?


    chest (armpit to armpit): 22

    hem width: 22.5 (I assume you mean from selvege to selvege across the bottom?)

    sleeve (shoulder to cuff) : 25.75

    shoulders (seam to seam) : 17.25

    depth : 29 (shoulder seam at collar straight down to hem)


    I soaked it for ~10 mins, luke warm, agitated...worn 4-5 times....

  14. @puzzlepiece I have one - I think it is blank but I'll upload it.

    @roy being amazing.  I have a buddy who makes tote bags and other awesome stuff with sewing machines...he explained Roy very well:  He is a pervert.

    His stuff is on point in an indulgent but functional, lovely way.  There is a sense of completeness to his work like every details was considered.  And not just as an independent detail, but a piece of the whole which always has it's own feeling and intention.


    Plus you know no part of the construction decisions were made to be efficient, get them out the door, or make money.  He is just a crazy dude making crazy stuff that a few crazy people enjoy.  No going back now, I'm an enthusiast.

  15. d160199052ec11e3bf370ed21f8372d3_8.jpg

    Jan 5th according to the comments on the gram.  Also:

    "Roy's upcoming 8oz natural indigo denim shirt with selvedge chambray accents, untreated aluminum buttons, and a patch screened with ink made from cooked down eucalyptus."

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