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  1. @coldstorage

    I feel you man I got them in size 31 (my RS04 are perfect in 31) and so far my crotch has some bunching and the fly has developed these weird folds that I keep ironing out - probably should've gone 32 but damn I love Roy I don't want to let them go.  I think we'll get through it...

  2. I couldn't figure out how to delete my old post so I edited it to show the Tender Belt - if someone would prefer I delete and start over please instruct me how to delete this topic!  Thanks!

  3. @dmikey I have the shoe version of that boot and they are pretty awesome.  I recommend them, the only hesitations I would have are:

    -They definitely don't have a lot of sole grip and can be slippery on ice/etc.  

    -They mark up/patina very aggressively.  I mean, tones of red/pink come through at stress points and they get very marbly very quickly (I think it is awesome - but just something to be aware of - they show wear)

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