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  1. The release of those jeans were super careful to never show the questionable pocket features - would probably be polite to retain that same level of restraint, even this far beyond release...would hate for Roy to get in any trouble.

  2. For y'all warehouse lovers - do they ever do longer inseams, maybe for a collab or a special request store like you get from SE+SC? I could go with a 33" inseam, post-shrink, but 32 and under is gonna be creeping into the pre-ankle calf zone....

  3. Just got a two pack of whitesville's (L) and they are too short for me @ 6'3" and ~175lbs...


    I can get away with the FH (42, a little wide), Tezomeya (175), lady white (M), mccoys (L, real long actually), but this whitesville feels too short.  Maybe I will try to wet+stretch but probably will send them to my slightly shorter brother.


    Bummmer...was going to go 3sixteen next but that sounds like a bad idea now...perfect black tee still crave thee

  4. But Roy is also going to make more money himself which is well deserved and awesome for him. In addition, it allows him to control his batch size, experiment more, and continue to make next-level garments for the world. All in all, I see it as a plus, even though I'd love to stroll down to SE and try his stuff on...

  5. My other Roy shirt (chambray) is also a M and a lot smaller, but I rock the shit out of it.  I think I prefer a tiny shirt on my gangly body over lots of extra fabric through the back or body.  To each their own!  


    Sleeve length is always a problem for me, and shoulders often.


    I'm excited to give this new guy my love, always stoked on a new piece of Roy.


    (My big bro denim shirt is a L, though)





    Edit: Damn, two front pages in a row. Still feeling rude without a photo here...so here is some roping on my SF01, some cuff wear in the foreground and some combs in the back.  Slow fades...wish I could get the color more accurate but it's closer than it was...5x7ISBM.jpg

  6. Shirt is so sick.


    You can be mean if you look this clean





    Post-soak in the nasty nightlight:



    Ignore the non-Roy denim plz.


    Edit: Size M, I'm 6'3"ish 180lbs, 40" chest

  7. Yes indeed - cinch back and classic arcs



    Felt bad for a new page without a picture.


    Here are 4 Roy Patches at different levels of total destruction. I don't baby my Roy's:


  8. I am notoriously hard on things, that's why I mentioned that I personally would remove the tags on future shirts...

    Now that I think about it, it may be because I stretch them after each wash (Cold wash, stretch, air dry).  That's because I have a long ass torso and originally they seemed super boxy.  Now they're totally the right shape for my body, because the cloth does stretch really well when wet.


    I love both my Tezomeya and my Flat Head shirts.  


    The Tezos are definitely better for warm weather, everyday type shirt.  Slubby, airy, soft.


    The Flat head is another type completely: thick, not stretchy, very structural feeling, much more uniform in texture, but just so well built.  If it is cool enough I'll usually rock a flat head shirt.

  9. And then the seam from the back belt loop to the bottom of the zipper was just like 1/4" too short for the high rise.  Probably an actual name for that seam.


    I think if you've got a zipper, you're probably not talking about Roy's.


    (that was a joke, haha?)


    I'm 6'3" and I have 4 pairs of Roy's (RS4 in 31, SF01 in 32, BigBro in 31, KS1001 in 33) and I'd say yes the crotch does fade first, but I don't feel like I'm going to burst out of the crotch with each step.  I wear that shit super high as well, because I'm a nerd.

  10. I'm pretty sure my experience was an exception and not the rule. Most people seem to be quite happy with the work done at Hollows.


    I didn't mean to talk shit, the belt just didn't work for me.  It was folding over like crazy at the back belt loop and I hated wearing it, even though it still held up my pants.  


    I didn't contact hollows to get it fixed or discuss, so I didn't really give him a chance to defend it.  I figured he's doing the work solo and didn't want to take more of his time/energy.  No regrets buying it, it just didn't work for me.


    I also wear my pants super high (well, as close as my waist as I can) and am 6'3"+ with long ass limbs so I'm sure my combination of specs and clothing desires aren't ideal for any belt.  I felt bad for the leather when I cut the buckle off...but so goes.

  11. I'm impressed - my hollows was unusable after maybe ~4-6 months of us.  The back belt loop just destroyed the belt, it was nearly folded in half.


    I had my friend put a new belt on the buckle:


    And now, a year later:



    Question for you, Dylan.  Does the buckle eat holes in your shirts?  I always get the same pattern of holes in my shirt and the buckle is the only thing I can think to blame...

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