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  1. Mon Dieu

    Mister Freedom

    Wanted Size 40 Mulholland Master brown or black Thanks
  2. Mon Dieu

    Mister Freedom

    Wanted Mister Freedom Mulholland Master Size 40 Brown or Black Holler if you hear me Enjoy
  3. Mon Dieu

    Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    I got that, and no slack.....at 40 its a get, no question.
  4. Mon Dieu

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Got it, fit is right on and am very happy with color way....Should age well as the fabric seems to be "organic" in nature, will see. Wondering what the "loops" are for on the interior under the arm pits are for ? It was "KIMI's" post that led me to B&L, thanks. Have fun.
  5. Mon Dieu

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Yep. Lar's shipped the wrong size....There very nice jackets, been wearing a lot of "Tech" and this is a different tack.......
  6. Mon Dieu

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Just returned the N-1 (size 42) for a 40....Unbranded, color is navy. The fit on the 40 should be spot on. From handling the jacket it should be warm enough for all but the coldest days here, 30* or lower. The outer fabric is tightly woven and mid-weight, the lining is mid to light heavy weight. Should be getting Monday. Have fun.....
  7. 4 days Hk to CONUS. Piece is legit, compared to one I bought from END, same maker etc. They are a reseller but price is the same as other's (END etc.). Would use them again if could not find else where..... Have fun....
  8. Has anyone ordered from "Human Behavior" Hong Kong ??? Thanks......
  9. Mon Dieu

    Urban Techwear

    Good stuff, well done and insightful....will also add informative for me...........
  10. Mon Dieu

    Urban Techwear

    Ha, seems to be where I am....... The last Stone Island piece I bought that I really like is a taped "Ventile" jacket the others, Field jacket ,vest ,metal jacket are ok, the Field has a liner that has to be untied to remove it ! Yes UNTIE !!!! The Veilance that I have are used regularly with no problems. Its Hot, Humid and rainy here and the Actuator is light enough to wear....That and waterproof. That all stated I will look at ACRNM Thanks for the input and enjoy.
  11. Mon Dieu

    Urban Techwear

    Why Acronym ? Am deep in Veilance, just got the "Achuator" and like a lot........ Thoughts on Acronym ?????