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  1. supreme / acg / converse / acrnm
  2. cut out the middle man amiright? only what happens when you get overwhelmed with orders and end up with a massive room full of custom made clothes with no clue whose they are?
  3. the non-official colors might help
  4. Anyone know of US bag stockists?
  5. Post very rarely, usually artwork and architecture @rjbman
  6. Really glad to hear it's not just me on that. Debating selling over that, but w/ socks that cover the anklebone I'm okay, so I'm torn. They're cool besides that.
  7. Zip is pretty cool, need both hands to use it though when I was hoping otherwise. The left foot heel interface seems to dig into my ankle a little bit, so I have to make sure I've got socks or it chafes. That's probably just my specific pair. Already had a bunch of people ask about it, most people seemed pretty incredulous about the zipper. Pic:
  8. Spent 5 minutes trying to see how you took this before figuring it out.
  9. Flyknit Roshe finally announced... on natural motion version Not a fan