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    Clowns like you homie but nothing personal
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    Meh...those multi track tops look pretty dope to me from a design perspective..I'd have loved them at 16 and I hope some kids do to. Ugly shit in there too no doubt, but some of you guys need to lighten up ffs. Imagine stepping out of your comfot zone/trying new stuff for the heck of it, with a fanbase like this. I'm not even surprised Acr is so diluted today. Fanbase is reluctant to evolve in any direction, and I've noticed this with every recent drop = hence NG4 and remixed jackets to every retailer that will have them. I cannot believe any of you struggled to cop one. Reminder: You're not that cool.. actually most people who see you, or me, in *insert best acronym fit*, think you're a dork..Chill out a bit Edit: Sweet fittage on new pants
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    Pretty solid..Surprised by the love the blazers are getting...I'm really digging J99 and J98. Retailers are getting some pieces from the second drop afaik
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    lol come on guys....fatcronym
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    Acronym sizing is certainly an area of confusion...even retailers can't figure out how to size/style. IMO the fits on mothersite fuel this confusion and often look too tight...I mean just look at the backshot of LA6A-DS on E. Also E's J1 fits have become accepted as the norm, resulting in techwear nerds walking around looking like tightly-packed gore sausages. Mobility/function being huge selling points for Acronym, I remain perplexed by this Slimane era fittage Edit: J16 might be the only jacket E wears very well in M...heads up on incoming light-colored/paneled one, sure hit
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    Puffers and Purple J1
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342