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  1. Tried on the new SD fabric on the J44 today and I was really impressed. Fabric is much heavier than standard stotz and has a great drape. The J44 isn't my favorite silhouette, but I'm really excited to see what they do with it in future seasons. 

  2. 1 hour ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

    Can someone comment on J1A-GT 2.2 sizing vs J47A-GT sizing? 

    Basically my J47A fits nicely around the chest and tummy but the sleeves are a couple of cm too short cause of my broad shoulders. Also, I find the hood to be quite tight. 

    I'm currently wearing a size M J47A, would a size L J1A-GT give me a bit more sleeve length and hood size? 

    I've owned a J47-GT and J1A 2.2. Sizing is tough to compare IMO because the patterns are so different but the J1A is much roomier than the J47. A J58 underneath the 47 was always very tight with anything more than a tee base layer. I have plenty of room and movement with the 58 and J1a together. 

  3. 1 hour ago, HeckHouse said:

    J67 arrived! Fit doesn’t seem to match the measurements on the site—it’s right in line with the J69. Fits like a lightweight, weatherproof hoodie. I’m a big fan of the material. Apologies that the hair is obscuring the hood.

    Not surprised the measurements are more like J69. The fit in product shots looks almost identical. Are you able to flip the collar over like with the 69 or is the collar too padded from the hood? 

  4. 2 hours ago, darkart said:

    just to point out one problem of J67, It is single zipper instead of double, no extra zipper to relax waste area. 

    The cut looks nearly identical to the J69 so from experience, the double zipper isn't an issue because it's cut so short. You also have the snap closure / plus escape zip if your'e sitting down. 

    New storm hood mechanism looks incredible. Interesting that none of the product shots show the collar down when the hood is stowed.  

    3 hours ago, meccaNIZM said:

    Ya, j67 is :o

    picked up the cape... have to see if it’s as engineered as the product shots suggest, or if it’s just a poncho compared to the CP2. I think i like the BLK/RAF j36 better... but seems I’m alone in that respect. Funny the j1a didn’t come, I saw there were issues at the “new” factory and it’s been delayed. Maybe the FO version will show up soon!?!!

    Where did you see that there were issues at the factory?

  5. On 4/9/2019 at 9:00 PM, brainerd666 said:

    The GT Pro noisiness is my biggest gripe. Feels and sounds like you’re wearing a damn tarp. A tarp that breathes a little.  

     Paclite is sooooooo luxe, quiet, and comfy by comparison. The facing fabric on my J34GT-PL just feels awesome and gives more of that ninja vibe. I know it’s not as element proof as the top tier gt pro, but the trade offs are worth it IMO. Really wish ACR would revisit using that shit. 

    You're in luck. J61 in Paclite coming FW1920.

  6. 15 minutes ago, RodG said:

    $428 duties on the J1A in the US is a big oof. My last acrnm purchase wasn't even close to that much tax. Has anyone ever had luck getting an adjustment on that with UPS? 6201.99.8030 should still work right? GT is man-made fiber and it'd fall under 'anorak, windbreaker, and similar articles', but would I have to prove that?

    As for the jacket itself, I like the folded down collar way more than I thought I would, and the look with the hood attached less than I thought I would. With the hood on I think I prefer the old look. The logo tape seems a bit far back, but I'm also used to vertical logo tape. All the details I have checked so far (hardware, seam tape, zipper pulls etc.,) have seemed equivalent or purposefully different (shiny vs not shiny zips) from my J28. Though I do think the sling is a bit stiffer and more coarse than that of the J28 (but I'm not sure how much wear has to do with that). I've noticed that the hand pockets have like a dart (??) to provide more fabric/space on the inside, which is cool. I don't know if old models had that or not but the J28 doesn't for sure.


    I could keep going, but the rest of my opinions really only have to do with comparing it to the only other acronym jacket I have so I'll leave that to be continued later.

    Any requests for detail pics?

    I spoke to UPS and gave the code 6201.99.8030 and my duties were reduced to $65. If you already paid duties though, it's extremely difficult to get them reduced. 

    Few initial thoughts: 

    Collar – I've liked the folded collar since they originally showed 2.2 with the 3A-1s, and it really is a great refinement. With the last J1A, I always ended up folding the collar over anyways. I don't like the collar up as much, as the collar seems really skinny and high, so its less proportional than previous J1A's, especially without the hood. 

    Gravity Pockets –The redesigned gravity pockets are an improvement too. Much less in the way, and easier to open and close the zips.

    Zippers – I wonder why they decide to keep the shiny zippers vs. the matte zippers on other jackets (like J47). Aesthetically, I like both but the matte zippers feel way smoother to me. 

    Fit – The sizes on the site were identical to the previous version but it seems a bit boxier. With a J58 underneath, I have much more radial movement than I recall with the last version. Although, it has been a couple years since I last owned it. 

    Hood – Perfect. The shape is great, and it no longer has those flaps that the last version did. The flaps always bothered the hell out of me so I'm happy they got rid of them. I'm also able to get the hood over my head with the storm collar all the way zipped, which I've not always been able to do with other ACRNM jackets. 

  7. 47 minutes ago, jeddyhsu said:

    Extremely interesting neck and collar design. Anyone else notice anything new?

    Here's what I noticed:

    • New hood
    • New collar (This collar is also fundamentally different than even the J69, which doesn't include a collar stand)
    • Second snap higher on the jacket (as they've done on many recent jackets like J47 / J69 / J66, etc.)
    • Hidden snap at bottom of zip
    • Black snaps (old ones were silver)
    • Added back hitch tab (from OG version)
    • Also first time I can recall them actually listing the models heights which is probably very useful for people new to the brand

  8. Has anyone washed any of the jackets with reverse raw edges (like the J66 or J69) yet? Curious if a wash increases the amount of fraying. 

  9. 38 minutes ago, junkie_dolphin said:

    So I’ve always been a bit baffled by the measurements given for Acronym’s sizing charts. Always assumed I was a medium, but when I tried on the J58 I found it too tight through the chest, and I’ve had a similar problem with some SISP jackets.

    So my question is: do you guys take the same size in Veilance that you do in Acronym? What about mainline Arc’teryx? I’m solidly a medium in both, so it would help to know how the two brands compare. One guy told me he sizes up for Acronym vs. Arc’teryx.

    Really depends on the fit of each Acronym jacket. My general rule is that I size up for Profile fitting jackets and stay with my regular size for Straight fitting jackets. J58 is tight in the chest because the fit is Profile and supposed to layer underneath shells. 

  10. 3 hours ago, Holger said:

    Can you share your measurements as well? I got the Jacket yesterday in Medium and I am 180cm, 77kg and 105cm chest measurement. I really love the jacket but I am afraid it is a little bit too small for me and I am a big fan of oversizing too :). Not sure if I am able to get a bigger size somewhere, but keep a jacket which does not fit properly is also not an option. many thx in advance.

    I am 6'1 (185cm), and same weight as you. Not sure what my chest measurement is ATM but with "Straight" fit jackets, I have always worn a Medium. On recent "Profile" shells like J62-S and J69, I sized up to a Large. The J74 is the first time I sized up on a "Straight" fit jacket. I tried both M and L but the Large just seemed to drape way better. 

    The way Umit is wearing the J74 is how the Medium fit me whereas the way Lenny is wearing the Medium is how the Large fits me if that helps. 

  11. 24 minutes ago, CARLOOA said:

    So first impressions on the J74-PX. Again, I'm 5'9", 180lbs. 40" chest measurement, 39R US suit size. Walk ~3/4 mile to work, walk my dog 1.5–2 miles a day. Live in Seattle. Current temperature ranges from 45–60F rainy, though not right now.

    Fit: Sized perfectly. Less constricting than the 50/51/58 fit. Looser shoulders and looser midsection comparatively. No riding up as the hem isn't as constricting—terminates a little past hips. Sleeve hem also slightly looser. I think the fit is perfect. The hood is ample with the perfect angle to avoid pulling your head down to create nerd neck. I would not size up at all.

    Finish: Aux zip works. Fabric is more dull than recent SI:SP pertex iterations. Ripstop reinforcement not visible if there is any. Face fabric is so thin that even getting the slight flap in the zipper doesn't prevent zipping. Main zip appear to be vislon polymer zips and pulls. Two-way closure is always finicky but tolerable. Arm and front pocket storage have locking reverse coil vislons.

    Function: Alpha is good for 45-50 when moving. Let me be clear, if you're looking for straight static warmth, this is not the jacket for you. If you're in like 30F, you will be cold with this as your only midlayer. Weight is great but not as light as an Atom SL, probably best comparable is Dyadic Comp Hoody and it's roughly 100 grams less. Better than both I think. Great insulation; Climashield tends to make me overheat on my morning walk to work and walking my dog; Alpha has not. Face is definitely not windproof entirely but that's probably to facilitate breathability. Recent Acronym with the exception of the J28 have been quite trim even cut for insulators so this loft is preferable to me—low restriction in radial arm movement and through the midsection. The front and back entry front pockets are a revelation as well. My favorite part is the hood though, it makes my 61GT have some structure to it and keeps my bald head warm.

    Probably an acronym piece that I won't sell. If you know me, I've cycled through quite a bit. 

    I got mine today too. I actually sized up from M to L, and while the fit is slightly oversized, I like how relaxed it fits and appreciate the extra length. The face fabric is so silky its extremely easy to layer with. I can wear a hoodie, J74, and a hardshell, and still have complete mobility. With my J58, there is no way I could layer a hoodie underneath. I couldn't agree more with the double sided entry front pockets too; they're perfect.

  12. 11 hours ago, CARLOOA said:

    Which brings me to the most recent 47TS-GT: aux zip and TS at the horizontal mid pocket and the interior mezzanine pocket. I know there has to be a fit allowance for the insulator, right?

    Agreed that the 47 iteration is the best version. In its minimalist state, the pocket array and zipper placement is perfectly balanced. I saved the measurements from when I bought my 47R, and they are exactly the same as the 47TS so I don't think they changed the fit block. Having said that, I always felt like my 58 fit pretty well under my 47 because its a bit roomier than other jackets to begin with. 

  13. 1 hour ago, xh79 said:

    Was able to check out several of the pieces in person today; a few of my brief impressions:

    J47TS (Black): This actually looked better in person than in the photos, IMO. I already have the J47R so I couldn't really justify it, but trying it on I was certainly sorely tempted. The pockets generally are thoughtfully laid out; I think the left chest pocket is superior to the one on the R version. The one thing I didn't like so much was the collar -- it seems noticeably taller on the TS than the R, and looks slightly awkward to me, at least on my frame. Definitely one of the pieces I liked best, though

    Thanks for sharing. From the product shots, I also thought the collar on the 47 looked slightly revised. With the hood out, the TS seems to hold its shape better, which is something that has always bothered me on my 47R.

    One question: Does the 47TS have the same high pocket that the 47, 47A, and 47R have or does it only have the one that dips down like the 47A? Surprised the product shots don't show the full pocket array.

  14. 28 minutes ago, jeddyhsu said:

    Considering the prices of this week's drop, I'm worried that the hoodless j1a-gt will be well into the double g's range.

    I would be very surprised if the J1A previewed in the 3A-1 images is hoodless. I think it's more likely the hood has just been removed, and the collar flipped down. Price-wise I don't think you're wrong.

  15. 55 minutes ago, segue said:

    i was crossing my fingers in hopes of the 47ts-gt coming out in olive, but looks like its just black and white :T 

    curious to see what the PX fabric is like.  anyone know what it stands for? is it a goretex product?

    The PX fabric is Polartec Alpha. 

  16. 1 hour ago, solographik said:

    Does anyone know if the J72-DS is re-releasing this season? Or is it just in the -AK fabric?

    J72-DS is re-releasing in a white color way. Black is -AK.

  17. 7 hours ago, Appleseed said:

    J69 has the EscapeZip, and is def. not centered. More.

    I doubt my case was an exception, but the collar down needed a bit of love out-the-box. Ironing nec. to get anything as clean as the product shots. Even where reinforced, the ends of the collar tend to curl in a pretty un-appealing way. Trade-off with the super lightweight Gore-Tex Pro, I suppose...

    Mine was slightly off too out of the box, but I hung it with the collar down zipped up for a day and it was much neater after that. I was mostly referring to the zipper being centered on the pattern, not the collar itself. I also don't think the fabric is any lighter than other GT Pro, the jacket itself is just lighter.

    7 hours ago, segue said:

    might look better with the collar popped up but the way the collar is folded down makes it looks whack.  the shirt / polo collar doesn't work well with the vibe of the rest of the j1a like the map pocket and shoulder cuff but guaranteed its still gonna sell out.  also it being off center bothers me :T

    I do agree the collar will look nice popped up as well, but down it almost reminds me of Kiko Kostodinov FW17: See here

  18. 56 minutes ago, paper2k1 said:

    is it just me or, the collar of J1A-GT ver.2 looks like collar of J69-GT...biker jacket style....convertible collar

    Yeah, it is similar although I think it's asymmetric to accommodate an escape zip as well, whereas the J69 is completely centered. I am surprised people aren't talking more about the new J1A. The new collar is perfect IMO. Maybe people haven't seen it because its buried in the bag images?