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  1. I’m real tempted by their yak fleece, but almost 1k for a fleece is a lot of money. Time will tell, I guess, but I’m passing for now. I do think their whole vibe is pretty cool, and I bet their stuff is excellent. 

  2. On 10/7/2020 at 6:31 PM, roomtemplacroix said:

    a pair of my worn in 47s i bought a couple years ago. color is more accurate in the full body photos. 





    These are looking cool. Anybody know what the difference is between the 47 and 66 denim? 

  3. I've found that the thing with the R01 cut is that you need to give them a decent amount of time to break in and really mold to your body. My first pair of R01s went from being somewhat unflattering to being my favorite cut, pretty much ever. Some of this was getting used to wider jeans, no doubt. But a lot of it was the denim changing and really breaking in. Give the R01 time. They're worth it. 

  4. This stuff looks cool, and I'm glad Self Edge is doing it, and I'll likely never buy it. But whatever, I'm sure I'm also not the target market. I'd love to hear more about the analysis that goes into bringing in a brand like this to a store like Self Edge. It seems like Rick Owens has a rabid following, and there's not a lot of overlap between those people and your average Self Edge customer, or at least that's my understanding. Streetwear and denim overlap, so perhaps this is streetwear + high fashion + denim, hanging out and being expensive and awesome?



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