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  1. Fantastic pictures, William. Thanks for posting!
  2. That jacket is amazing. So strong.
  3. Fantastic. Love that your stuff has seen so much use, Tyler.
  4. Good for Michael, Satchel B. That's pretty sweet. Dude looks psyched.
  5. Lookin good William. Thanks for the picture. Not totally sure what I'm going to do yet, but your new frames are a strong contender.
  6. Thanks William! I'd love to see a fit pic of those glasses when you get a chance.
  7. William, are any pictures of the slimmer flat tops that you can share with us? I'm thinking about getting a new pair of sunglasses to throw some prescription lenses in...
  8. That denim looks fantastic. Don't need another pair right now, but between this and the recent SGs, it's hard not to pick a pair up for next year. Also, what shirt is Josh wearing in those photos?
  9. Hey Kiya, When are those new Star of Hollywood shirts going online? Looking forward to seeing what y'all got in.
  10. Love those jorts. Badass.
  11. Can't wait for them Star of Hollywood / Sun Surf shirts to hit. Got way too much monotone or flannel in my closet these days.
  12. Big ups for the Stevenson 767. Been in these for a few months off and on, and I think they're gonna get some serious wear now that it's getting warmer.
  13. That podcast was excellent, Kiya. Especially the part about how valuable FACE TO FACE recommendations are, even in the age of everything being on the internets. Nothing's better than a buddy who's opinions you respect sending you off to a good show, giving you a record, restaurant, etc. Nice work.
  14. Wore these 10 times. They're a half size too big for me so I'm moving them on. There's a 6+ month wait for these. Currently $585 from Context. I'm looking for $400.
  15. Anybody happen to have the Engineer jacket? Like it? How'd you size it? The more I look at it, the more I really like the design elements....