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  1. feel like i wasted my time on styleforum lol

  2. anyone have a uniqlo bomber for sale in size S-M? need it for an art project.

  3. In need for fresh air to my head. I'm going for a jog.

  4. Merry Cremas bitchezz.

  5. current rotation, pbj xx-005, sugarcane 1947, ub201, fullcount 1653ltd

  6. took me forever to decide on my prof pic ukno this the most innernet flex site i ever seen

  7. tbh i signed up to find some purple label but i dont know how to use this site

  8. how come... nevermind

  9. i was scoping this site and i notice theres like members from 2004 like before i was born and they only got 2 friends like is this place not really friendly?

  10. guess its not like facebook, guess its not like twitter cuz where do all my statuses go

  11. im just kidding, i wasnt really born after 2004

  12. where are the boys

  13. flyknits are so nice in person, shiiiiit

  14. my birthday is in a week and a half who is buying me a canon g15?

  15. *slipping into the abyss because of my post on WAYWT smells like shit down here lol

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