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  1. in my calf indy boot i wear a 9.5d and a 9 in semi dress standard last. i wear a 10 in vans authentic. i sent baker's a foot tracing and they worked it all out because i got a little nervous. Quack_Attack will definitely be the guy to talk to about this...

    Im a bit nervous about this at the moment, seeing as I just dropped $400+ for my smokejumper on BH last. Im a 10.5D in Red Wing 3141 work chukka, and a 10.5D in just about everything else. I measured, and Kyle said a 10D in the BH last is the size I should get. I trust him, but fuck, I have a little voice in the back of my head that wont shut up until I try them on, which will be a long as fuck 8 weeks....

  2. Mega- I would try to get your money back and just send them to White's. If they are already exhibiting signs of hostility and not knowing what the fuck you are talking about, even though you were crystal clear, it can only go downhill from here. That blows. I have a great shoe guy in my neighborhood, but all I really trust him with is gluing wedge soles onto my Red Wings. When stitch work is needed, I need to seriously consider who get to do it. Im done dealing with hacks.

  3. i think blemishes that occur naturally throughout the life of the product are what makes it beautiful and unique. I used to hate anything but black leather stuffs, until I realized that the lighter, more natural colors patina so much nicer. Each piece can end up totally different depending on so many variables, its kind of fun to wait and see how it turns out

  4. Ok, Im about to get my Whites started through Baker Shoe. Ive pretty much decided on the style, but there are a few things I need/want some input on.

    -Smoke Jumper in Black cxl

    -6" or 8". Leaning towards 8

    -Swing or Bounty Hunter last, leaning towards BH.

    -Antique eye and hooks

    -Vibran Half comp. sole.

    -Natural Cuban heel, lowered 1/4"

    Here's what I am going back and forth on:

    -Pull loop or no pull loop?

    -Single or double sole? Im not going to be wearing these in the woods. Mostly urban wear, with occasional shit kicking.

    -I want double welt, so that means standard sole trim. I have seen some leather soled whites with the standard trim and it just looks odd. Will the added thickness or the composite sole (plus potential double sole) balance the look out?

    -Lastly, lined or not? Im leaning towards not lined, but I have never had any unlined boots in anything greater than 4" chukka's

    -All input is appreciated. Cheers

    From the build a boot generator:


  5. Got my leather samples in the mail from Whites. Gotta say, I am leaning heavily towards black cxl. The dress brown is super nice, but it just seems rather standard. Its durable, can take a shine, but lacks character when you touch and rub it. The CXL seems to almost mold to your hand, stretch to the way you manipulate it, and take on a patine depending on how you use it. I know, its just a small swatch of leather but it was almost instantly noticeable to me. That said, I have also unloaded some useless shit (to me at least) on Ebay that and have actually managed to fund my pair of whites. So, for discussions sake, should I go through Whites directly, or Bakers? Pro's and Con's of either?

  6. Hell yeah, ranon. Those White's look great. That's the exact makeup I'd want, except perhaps with single welt stitching.

    Can you help a newb out and tell me the difference? I mean, aside from the double row of stitching? Is it purely cosmetic, or is it more durable? i guess I could Google, but I like the discussions here...

  7. ah, I didnt realize he was a construction worker. Wearing out boots quickly is pretty standard in that line of work. Ive pretty much settled on black cxl or the dress brown, which looks pretty dark. I thought i decided on brown cxl, but its a bit too light for me, and after manipulating a pair of Wolverine 1000's with it, Im not sure I would like it as much as I thought I would have. Maybe ill get samples from them and obsess over it in the privacy of my own home :ph34r:

  8. Anyone have any pics or experience with worn in black chromexcel ? Im debating if this the leather i want to use on my White's, but I have not been able to find anything online showing how it ages/wears. Back in the middle of this thread, Demonito was saying he wore his black chromexcel boots out prematurely. No pic, so I dont know if this is jive talk or serious.

  9. wow. those are beautiful. I dont envy your feet during break in, but once they realize who the boss is, they will be like slippers. Nice score

    My new Wesco Boss Western toes!


    Wesco craftsmanship is tits!





    did i mention i love these boots??

  10. ah, Filsons. I grew up in Seattle, and used to go check out the shop from time to time. I have an old Mackinaw cruiser and an old small carry on, not sure the model #. Its a shame they make the boots abroad, as they used to be really well known for durability and craftsmanship. I mean, Im sure the DR made boots are fine, but I will never buy a shoe or boot that is made somewhere else because labor is cheaper.

  11. right on. I seriously am considering a pair of these in the next month or so. Not sure if I want black or brown cxl. I just need to figure out how to make my wife want me to get them. I need to think up some bullshit about how it will make me a better man or something.....

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