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  1. thats a great fit if you ask me Dau.  


    I made some peasant dinner the other night.  Since I've started making homemade pizza dough, pasta etc.. I now realize that my grandma's iron grip wasn't a figment of my young imagination but rooted in the fact that she could probably beat Popeye in an arm wrestling contest. Whenever I would do something to annoy her she would get ahold of my shoulder and it felt like the hand of God.   Stirring the polenta had my arms burning after 5 minutes.  


    (placeholder for mobile edit)  Ah, I dont have any pics.  I made some polenta with sausage and beans with tomato and peperoncini.  

    So here's a pizza I made the other night.  Red onion, 'Nduja, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella.  Turned out fantastic.  


    And for fucks sake the size limits on uploads is such a pain in the ass.  Every single mobile phone available these days put out files bigger than 2MB.  



  2. Scandinavian and British seem to be really close and often bleed into each other. There’s a website called Gedmatch that has different calculators you can run that gives you more accurate data than AncestryDNA. Requires a raw data download and upload to their site. 

  3. 1 hour ago, volvo240thebest said:

    I love Dr Sole raw cord soles so much that I wish to have them on all my boots. Great grip, very comfortable, they're not feather like weight but that doesn't bother me. They win over Vibram 700 6-0 to me, both in functionality and looks.

    One day I'll frankenboot my old pair of Tricker's with some Dr Sole's too..

    i suspect i woud like them as well.  maybe Ill figure out a way to get a pair with them to see...

  4. i did ancestryDNA, but downloaded the raw dna data and uploaded to a few sites that accept autosomal dna transfers.  Its basically algorithms at this point so there are differences in how different calculators interpret the results.  i have since done 23 and me just to see what the differences are.   i got my wife to do ancesrty as well and am considering a cheek swab for my kid but that seems a bit much at this point lol.  Might just wait until she can spit

  5. I did one of those DNA tests recently just for shits and giggles and while most of my genetic background I can basically account for, some was lost to time, poor record keeping etc..  so upon seeing the results I will be exchanging my incoming 20’s for some Adidas track pants and a bottle of cheap vodka.


    All jokes aside, its pretty interesting and there are forums of DNA geeks out there with the same passion about genetics as we are about denim.  








  6. (in before the forum police says some shit about small questions thread)

    I must admit I have what is a borderline sole and heel fetish.  Everyone posts pics of their worn in boots but never the soles!


    Anyways, I think the attraction to the vintage, NOS soles and heels is for period correctness.  Most wear like shit compared to what is currently available from Vibram or Dainite etc...

    I cannot comment on the corded soles but I do like how they look.  

  7. I ended up getting a bigger size also.  Im done fighting waist bands waiting til they stretch for comfort.  So, I have a tagged size 36, hemmed to achieve a post-soak 30" if anyone is interested.  



  8. figures Im a day late (few years) and a dollar short...


    Thanks for the model number though, maybe I'll lurk some obscure corner of the internet and hit pay dirt.  


  9. On 3/23/2018 at 4:49 AM, bartlebyyphonics said:

    this piece to me sums up orslow: softly understated

    [hilariously, found listed as a type III at end... end are surely paying attention to details - not] 

    their denim jackets (pleated and chore) and military pants are what catch the eye for me

    orslow one pocket a.jpg

    dude i want this jacket.  sold out at End.  any other leads in a size 5, holler at ya boy (me)

  10. I’m with you. I don’t understand how a shop can’t just double check and post accurate measurements instead of just going with what is floating around. I can only guess they do it some weird fucked up way like not including the waistband in the rise and measuring the thigh 4” down. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Toegun said:

    @garden gnomes in space Thanks, I spoke to an online sales rep and she said the sizing was actually 36” for a size 5 not 38”. Hopefully they will correct their website. But I had another look at the pics and I’m not sure if it’s even selvedge denim as it looks like regular stitching on the inside of the leg sleeve. Might explain why the inseam is so long?

    the 105 and 107 are selvedge.  The "Dad jeans" are selvedge denim I believe but not cut with the selvedge outseam.  

  12. 4 hours ago, Toegun said:

    Hello, I found orSlow 105 rigid on the End website in both size 4 and 5. Does anyone know if the rigid denim is sanforized or does it need a soak before wearing and if so how much can expect it to shrink? I'm usually a 36 in most, which is what the End is claiming to be a size 4. I'm wondering if I should go for a size 5 in case they do need a good soaking. Thanks in advanced for any help.

    I think a 5 would be good for you, based on my size 5 one wash 105's measuring right at 36".  They do stretch however, so keep that in mind but i would not advocate a 4 as that would be too snug in my opinion.


    my guess is the size 5 38" is the raw version, will shrink to a 36" or so

  13. Agree. No diss on anyone here but I always scratch my head when people justify wearing their flat heads or such to construction jobs, justify it because they are “work wear” and then post pics of a shitty looking pair of beat up jeans that just look awful. I have no data to back this other than observation but The denim we obsess over isn’t built to be true work wear and falls apart accordingly. 

  14. Orslow is hard to understand by just looking at pictures of the product on-line.  In hand they are, like stated previously, basic designs with a special twist.  its not a big grand twist like say Kapital, but rather a subtle one that fly's under the radar and that is really exciting and refreshing.  Its hard to explain

  15. 4 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:


    1. my pair still stuck in customs
    2. our Japanese hero Uncle Karl will join the second, triumphant installment of the 20s feline contest saga
    3. Spunkey surfaced on planet earth, his pair hopefully will soon travel back to the holy mother land

    4.  Did Inoue respond about my pair?

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