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  1. 1 hour ago, Jared_Lee said:

    I hear you, gnomes. I was looking forward to your participation in the contest. I'm bummed that TCB missed the mark so badly on your pair and compounded that with QC issues on the pocket bag. Just a bummer all around. Did you even want to consider a size swap from TCB?

    TCB didnt offer a replacement pair, and I was under the impression they used up all the fabric for the contest.  All good

  2. Looks great everyone, glad most are able to manage. 

    my problem was closer to 2” discrepancy and I just couldn’t fight a fit every tine they were washed. I believed the size charts and thought I would be getting a 36” after all said and done. That way, even with minor deviations, I would still have some wiggle room. Expecting that from My pair just wasn’t realistic. I’d have liked to pass the baton, but seeing the pocket bag tears after a single wash was the final nail in the coffin. I’m more disappointed than anything. It’s been a rough year and I was really looking forward to interacting with some old denim pals again. 

  3. I don’t know about that Foxy. I think we all expect and can manage variances. But this is wrong size straight up. Since when was shrink to tag size and shrink from tag size the same thing? Regardless of new cut new denim etc.,  sort it out prior to selling a product. 

     I don’t want to bring down the thread with negativity but this isn’t 2010 anymore and quirky sizing issues are not cute. 

    My pair won’t work for me and I’m not willing to fight a pair of jeans that are simply not the size they were supposed to be. I’m getting a refund, minus the $40 it will take to return them. I’m out. 

  4. Cold soaked mine in a tub with average agitation and they lost 2” in the waist.  I have a waist stretcher, so we will see how that plays out but I wasn’t planning on having to battle the waist band ever time I washed them. That’s why I’m irritated. I know I can fuck with a waist band and get it to stretch. It’s just the size charts showed that wouldn’t be necessary. I don’t like having to do that lol. 

  5. You all are much more forgiving than I am. I can tolerate small and understandable differences due to the nature of how they are made but I effectively have  a size 34 when I was under the impression I was getting a 36. I sent an email, hope something can be done. 

    I’ll be honest, the replacement 20’s Jean for the contest after the FC fiasco were fucked also. Basically a size down in every dimension except the waist. So I had a 34 pair with a 36 waist. I’ve been suspicious ever since and was half expecting the same thing here and lo and behold...

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