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  1. Has anyone from the states found it relatively straight forward ordering from the The Real McCoy's Japanese webstore? I'm looking at a few new jackets and with the current exchange its about a $500 price difference between the Japan webstore and Real McCoys NYC.

  2. Soaked my large Okinawa CPO. 30 minute hot soak. Here are the post soak measurements


    Chest: 22 -> 20

    Shoulder: 19 -> 18

    Sleeve: 26 -> 24.5


    Pretty happy with the fit. Looks like mine shrunk to about the size of a pre-soak medium. 

  3. I jumped on one of few that selfedge had. This is going to be a grail for sure. I  sized up a bit to get a more traditional CPO fit, we'll have to see when it arrives. 


    UkeNo, get those fit pics up when you've got a bit, looking forward to the fit and sizing post-soak. 

  4. Slowly building a pair of Wesco Boss Engineers. Looking for advice on sizing.

    Nike/Adidas/etc: 11

    Alden Trubalance: 10 D

    Wolverine 1K: 10 D (probably could take a 9.5 in these)

    Vans: 10.5

    Birks: 43


    I think I would take a 10 D, but I've heard they may run a little more true to size then others. Last time I checked my sizing in store was 2 years ago, so I'll probably go confirm my brancock in the next few weeks. 



  5. I've got one of the Lot A Appaloosas and I love it. Its pretty lightweight but still feels relatively substantial. It was pretty stiff after the soak, much more then my Rogue Territory shirt, but has softened up pretty good. I've been wearing it as a jacket here in southern california, and its working pretty well.




    Okay, so, they've finished drying...and yeah, they shrank as much as I needed them to. In fact, I've decided to forgo the second soak I had planned.

    Pre-soak (BIG-style): Waist -- 40.5", Rise -- 14", Upper Thigh -- 14.25", Hem -- 9.5", Inseam -- 36.5"

    Post-soak..................: Waist -- 37.0", Rise -- 13", Upper Thigh -- 13.50", Hem -- 9.1", Inseam -- TBM




    What did the inseam end up coming to? Trying to decide if I should head over and pick some up now, or wait until they release the 32 inch inseam. 

  7. Did I really just witness someone consult the Internet on how to take their boots off? Whoa.


    Gorgeous Finn, goddamn. It's cordovan or nothing for my next Viberg.

    Yeah I know, totally lame. Right before I posted that I was buying some pants at mister freedom thinking I was hot stuff rocking my new vibergs. Little did I know it would literally take 15 minutes to get those damn boots off.

  8. Finn, those are killer. I think I'll be locking my wallet in my car tonight so my drunken uninhibited self doesn't pick those up tonight. 


    On a side note, this is probably a stupid question, but for those of you with engineers, do you undo all the straps to take them off? I just picked up my first pair of viberg 310 engineers and don't want the straps to break if I'm putting to much stress on them or whatever. 

  9. Trying to gauge interest, everytime I put something on ebay or sell it through here I'm surprised how it sells.

    Got a Rouge Territory Campus varsity jacket in size medium I been wrestling with. I try it on every few days hoping ill like the fit but I'm thinking its maybe slightly slim for me. Kicking around selling it as I figure no one would want to trade a medium for a large. It's only been worn to try on, otherwise been hanging in my closet.

    I'm on call today so I'm thinking I may list it tonight.

  10. Would it be possible to stock Lone Wolf boots at Self Edge? I've been wanting a pair of their engineers. There needs to be a shoe store in the states that carries Japanese boots like SE carries Japanese denim. Maybe customs would be a problem.


    Totally agree. 

    Take my money Kiya!

  11. I am running low on the indigo duck so I don't think it's going to be rerun in a 5 pocket. The WO brown selvedge duck fabric is gone and so will the indigo soon. so have to find new cool fabrics. 


    Are you planning one more run of the indigos? I just want to know when to grab them...

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