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  1. ^I hope we and you won't be disappointed. So far we had some (in my eyes) good ideas, but who knows what the (even more crazy, btw) Japanese make out of it. Maybe they surprise us with even better stuff.

    Cheap/ Faptronic: We'll see, maybe there'll be a place for you in the contest anyway. Not that I wish for, but I fear that some might drop out still. But, in general, this thread has been so active, that it seems that most contestants are really dedicated. So, thank you all already for making this possible.

    @ the dutch dudes: Maybe we can arrange a meetup in Amsterdam some time, I would love to go there again. And this might help us abandon some of the old cliches. I'll be there, if the Autobahn isn't blocked by dutch trailers :D

    i'm pretty sure that Tenue de Nimes is gonna throw the party for their 3rd anniversary. if you can manage to get you ass here, i'll bring y'all to crash the party. hopefully i will be available for "before and after party" as well, let me know your best interests (space brownish, red light etc etc....) and you wont be disappointed :P

    regarding to the price.... i dont mind paying full price esp with those "special" things that will be featured on these 30 special pairs (spoiler spoiler... sorry i cant give y'all further detail, i promise Max to zip my mouth otherwise he's gonna break my pinkie :eek:)

    but again 250$ will be sooooo f :cool: and i'm down with it....

  2. ^ Shouldn't they be drinking beer and digging holes at our beautiful beaches?:D
    Ooops. Must have drunk.......:confused: Nontheless.... might be helpful.

    i told ya.... the crazy drunk Germans and they run naked after diggin the holes LOL.... (i still love my dear German friends.... ich liebe euch alle... just kidding :P )

    hell yeah... i will put my money on the orange team, Dutch is gonna beat Deutsch for sure!

  3. lax, i think it's only me you and kay (and probably riff) is in that size range. when i take a look at the list everyone else is like 32/33 onwards. damn i feel so damn skinny.

    continuing Lax, i wear 28 in IHod, 28 in FH, 28 in NFxMomotaro, well.... basically i wear 28 in all "men's" jeans.... i'm so damn lucky not to be size zero model.... but in this case, if bf manages to get 27 i'll prob wear 27, otherwise 28....

    and speaking of 28-30 size, i talked to lax before about the idea of making small size jeans tour and yes... we already have 4 people, thanks louis :)

    but not now... there are some tours and contests going on... maybe in the future....

    bf; salute to you T, really appreciate what you've done so far for this contest! and i want cheep on board too....

  4. BM: how bout coffee? i'm thinking to do the coffee soak for my NFxMomo, ya know after the curry incident and tea soak that i had, i still wanna do a lil experiment, perhaps i can get the "brownish cast" as well and of course the coffee flavor (even better than tea, ooppsss... we're talking about Momo, not ice cream) :)

    anyway 701 will be my third pair of Momo, i'm so in love with vintage label! thanks for convincing me....

  5. 3. The S0500 cut is very versatile and can be worn slim, straight and oversized

    The possible contestants so far.

    Preliminary list

    1. beautiful_FrEaK - 34

    2. MaxPower - 34

    3. laxlife1234

    4. riff - 30

    5. obbigood - 32

    6. kayodic - 26/27/28 ;)

    7. jimmyc

    8. scasi - 32

    9. jigsaw - 32

    10. TheNorthern - 31


    cool.... i have 3 different sizes... so which fit do you want me to pull off guys? super slim straight or slim straight or hip hop hooray straight fit or all 3? :D

    surprise me T! i trust your Samurai knowledge so you better get me the right jeans (++)

  6. glad you like it guys... thanks heaps!

    i'm so in love with the jacket and it cheers me a bit since killer b got the Paul T's small linen shirt way faster than me, it broke my heart tho' :)

    well, i'll def do the magic to that jacket.

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