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  1. not sure if my pics do the justice here.... my pair are not as cool as everyone's here but hey... i just wanna share how versatile they are. 666Sod can go for any directions from workwear to casual to sartorial or even edgy look. so guys, if you're looking for a special gift, 666sod will be the perfect one for your girls. ;)




    my last wrywt picture is dedicated to all diehard IH lovers :D



  2. thank you Oldswag...

    It's hard to get the true color since i only used the natural light but the color is not that different from the true color which is a bit darker.

    take a note that the fabric is not the same as other Momotaro jeans. the denim is soft 14.5 oz denim dyed in darkest pure indigo and woven tightly so it has consistent color and smooth surface. these pair give the subtle grayish blue fading, not the typical Momotaro vibrant blue as you noticed on Rubyblue's 0901 or Max Power's 0201.

  3. Last night i was attending Tenue de Nîmes party for launching The Indigo dyed Chuck Taylor All star. Tenue de Nîmes officially presented 50 limited pairs of indigo Chuck Taylor All Star shoes dyed in natural indigo by the famous Manabe family from Okayama (a.k.a Momotaro).











  4. Max; yes.... another 0201 in w34 will be awesome!!! someday you'll get them as you requested :)

    GSA; both are great jeans.... difficult to answer it but i personally will choose Japan Blue x Momotaro, why? because the jeans are 100% made traditionally in Kojima from the fabric manufacture - jeans assembly and as Rubyblue already explained about the fabric, it's 14.8 oz vintage selvage denim woven on Toyodas. well, i just like the originality of the jeans. besides the fact that you'll have Momotaro feeling in more modern fit.

    but if you're still confused, you can always get the NFxMomotaro, the second batch will be available soon (i guess). denim are special produced by Momotaro and made in "Weird Guy" Naked & Famous fit.

    tigerprawn; blueowl? or you can contact [email protected] or [email protected] (rubyblue), i think these guys will help you to get one.

  5. Rubyblue, yes the color is pretty much the same but i saw your jeans in person and they are way nicer than pictures! i think i might end up voting your jeans for wear and tear project :)

    and thank your for posting the detail of Japan Blue, that's what i'm expecting from you. i still remember either you or Katsu explained me about the sulphur dyeing process but i like the evo of Kishimoto's 6months JB, pretty impressive even though they're not the fast fading jeans.

    oh btw, where was i at the picture? damn, i missed Capsule first day haha....

  6. ^yes... couldnt agree more...

    i just want to show y'all that massive stacks are not horrible things ;)

    @rusholmeruffian; thanks, i got M65 at thrift store. it says US army man's field (i guess it's not old enough to be called vintage but i'm happy with size XXS)

  7. why not? i'm only 163cm with 38" inseam of NFxMomotaro and i can carry those super massive stacks without any problem.


    see... my jeans are as tall as i am :o

    and this is how i wear them




    even Brandon (NF) and Katsu (Momotaro) like my stacks :P


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