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  1. ^sorry for boosting up this thread Tiro, and i bet you know where to cop those MF suspenders (mmm.... Okiya? :P)

    if i can damn one person as well, it will be roy6. thanks to him for inspiring and dragging me to this special thread LoL...

    thanks doc! and can i request some suspender fitpics from you :)

  2. alright i'm joining the suspenders squad and giving this thread some love wont hurt anybody here right? :)

    Obbi Good Label Chaotic Power Suspender

    the suspenders are versatile to match the jeans/pants with/without suspender buttons.



    in my case, i loop them around belt loops. i know it's not everyone's cup of tea but hey... they dont look that bad eh?

    well, i'm still looking for the right jeans (of course with suspender buttons) to rock em properly by the way they should be worn.




  3. hey Shinobi, i was about to answer your question but i was waiting for someone who has more experinces to reply it first since i dont wanna sound like Momo snob or something + the fact that i dont have both pairs that you mentioned but if you need an advice from a woman, i can help you on that otherwise please just ignore me ok :)

    1005 and 0905 have more or less the same natural straight fit but 1005 are slightly tapered than 0905. 1005 fit is just loose compared to 0705. 0705 are low/mid rise jeans meanwhile the rise of 1005 is 3cm higher (if i'm not mistaken). judging by your 0705 fit which is size 31 and Momotaro sizing chart, i can suggest you to go with size 30 in 1005 for snug fit (they will be a tad loose than your current 0705) or 31 for more relaxed fit. but again if you dont fancy tight fit in your thighs, 31 will be right size for you. cheers!

  4. Thank you Ladies and Gents for all your reps, comments, pm's and loves fosho, i'm so flattered and much appreciated :)

    beatle; your wish is my command beats... eventhough old peeps can be pain in the ass, i'll try my best (not sure if i can pull this one off)

    riff; yeah... OGL always pampers me with their wonderful craftmanship and they made this brown suspender to match my RW. anyway thanks once again riff.... and you look great as always.

    shub; cheers... and thanks for the compliment! gotta agree with you, it's just hard to find petite size boots, i wear US5 for both moctoe and engineers, i think Trickers and Grenson have them in small size too (special order), i've been eyeing on both of them and your Danner. oh well.. we never get enough of great boots right :eek:

    FabGeek; hats rules eh? thank you!

    Max; 100% i loooveee the teenie tiny things haha.... :D

  5. i planned to make some shots for Obbi Good Label but i ended up jumping and playing with the kids. It was not easy to teach these kids how to levitate, right beatle? ;)


    how about lower the angle? one more time kids....


    alright kids... let me teach y'all one of the coolest jumps :P


  6. ^i would put my money on the boy, he seems pretty confident on throwing and he beat you in this viking chess right? (i dont have any idea what that game is) but yeahh.... lotsa fun there.

    anyway... you wore 0201 or 0905SP (i saw your waywt and you said 0905SP, where are the battle stripes Max? i didnt see 'em :P)

  7. ^walking momo dictionary! :D Haven't they still hired you?

    haha... if they did hire me, i wouldnt be joining the the 5th anniversary Samurai contest, so good news for you and b_F :D thanks anyway, i'll take it as compliment....

    different fabric seriousily? where did you get this info? When I was at the momotaro store in harajuku, the girl at the shop told me the war model use the same fabric as the vintage models... only moon reflector, or copper/gold models use different fabrics

    yes they are the same fabrics (i already said they were the same 15.7oz zimbabwe cotton). the 0s and 6s yarn things are rather confusing for some people including me. i think what Momotaro is trying to say in their site or catalogue is that Vintage Label are preshrunk/unsanforized jeans using the thickest yarn (0s), the warp and weft yarns are quite loose and after initial soak, the fibers will get packed and the denim will shrink. take into account that leg twisting (skewing) will feature on this label as the vintage jeans are supposed to be. meanwhile the GTB label is the sanforized version of Vintage label, the shrinkage has been removed to prevent the skewing (they also wrote it their site, thanks Rapunzel for the link), that's why the super dense 6s yarn is used for GTB label.

    hopefully i explained it a bit :)

  8. it depends on how you soak 0701. hot soak will shrink the jeans more but in general 0705sp and 0701 (after soak) have the same fit. both are 15.7 oz zimbabwe cotton with different yarn (vintage label uses 0s yarn, GTB label uses 6s yarn).

  9. 0905SP; classic straight

    1005SP; middle straight (tapered classic straight jeans)

    0805SP; hips fit slim straight (low rise, hipcovered trim line straight jeans)

    0705SP; tight straight (low rise, slim leg line straight jeans)

  10. ^thanks!

    i already wrote something about the fabric detail few pages back, but just in case you havent read it, here you go...

    here's a bit detail of the fabric

    these number explain the type of cotton used on JB07xx, JB01xx, JB04xx for ex; JB0701, JB0101, JB0103 etc etc....

    01= 14.8OZ Selvage 100% Texas Cotton

    02= 13.5OZ No Selvage 100% Zimbabwe Cotton

    03= 14OZ 100% Zimbabwe Cotton

    00SP= 14.8OZ 100% Texas Cotton (the battle stripes)

    0700SP and 0100SP are the same 14.8oz texas cotton and they are also the same cotton as JB101 and JB701, right rubyblue?

    unfortunately i'm not Momotaro dealer, i have no clue of the best selling one since asian, european and us markets are different but i can tell you that GTB and Vintage labels are most favorite ones.

  11. as i promised before, i finally did the coffee soak to my NFxMomotaro pair.

    200days; 1 greentea soak 1 wash 1 coffee soak

    before coffee soak



    leave them in the bucket for an hour, rinse once then hang them to dry




    so do you notice the difference? :)

    ps. i try my best to get the actual color and they are pretty much similar

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