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  1. ^i saw those pair.... the indigo dyed copper label patch, trully beauty Rob....

    lotsa nice items coming this Oct/Nov in your store, cant wait cant wait..... dont make me pick up other things except MF LoL....

  2. ER007MB and ER003MB are the greencast Indigo Momotaro Euro Label. 15 oz cotton and they have Copper Label arc and GTW patch. are they the blue x blue that you meant rubyblue?

    ER007-2B and ER003-2B are the blue x sulphur black weft

    ER007-3B are the 13oz melange gray

    Tenue de Nimes still have both ER003 versions.

    and what i heard from them, they would do the collaboration with Momotaro (coming this winter maybe), the jeans will be in blue warp and red weft. these pair might be interesting as well esp for Momotaro lovers ;)

    Tiro: haha... you can have more than Han cardi! luckily i dont live in Antwerp. btw, i've never ironed my jeans after initial soak/wash, why do you want to iron them? to get stiffness back?

  3. Hey guys do the Japan Blue x Momotaro "Going to Battle" 14.8oz Skinny Straight- Model 0100SP stretch much I was wondering if I should size down, thanks

    the model is based on NF skinny guy fit. if you have slender figure, you may survive to size down one since the jeans will stretch anyway...

    but i gotta agree with rubyblue, 0705SP maybe?

    If you have the budget, go for a Momotaro GTB, denim is much nicer :-)

    sup rubyblue.... happy to see you back online...

    and gefeliciteerd! i think i know what Tiro refered to ;)

  4. cheers rapunzel, happy that you like it...

    thank you so much Shub... i'm flattered! i'm so lucky that i can pull off the skinny to loose jeans on the other hand, i just cant stop buying jeans LoL....

    B; looking forward to your version, ohh... and please make it super mighty cool :D

  5. nice pictures on this page....

    Z; love your street photos

    Max; beach, food, girls and jumps are awesome..... wish i could rep you!

    i was too tired to post the pictures yesterday....

    Dear Summer,

    why have you been unfriendly this year?

    At the very end i did my last levitation on this cloudy, windy summer day before you turn into rainy autumn.







    see you again next year!



  6. 6061388331_89c259bdb1_z.jpg

    B, where can i find old people levitating? hopefully there will be no ambulance after doing this shot LoL.... and thanks for the fun, happy picture it is!

    shub; you rock your hair just like John Lennon's.... and being a lady engineer is cool right? i bet you enjoy it as much as i do besides the fact that we're allowed to wear jeans every single day.

    hey guys... y'all are looking good! must spread to Lill D, Max, and Finn :)

  7. ^actually i already discussed it with Max Power as well, he has both Vintage and GTW label. i remember he said that both fabrics felt the same but it was a matter of starched raw (Vintage) vs soft and one wash jeans (GTW). we both agreed that the catalogue was vague haha... the thickest yarn vs super dense yarn? i can call K to confirm it, no one knows better than the Momo prince himself but i may sound like "ahou" to him LoL... i rather call Rob :D

    ps; we should hang out with Rob and Nora all together....

  8. jeans are special produced by Momotaro, yes it's zimbabwe cotton and the jeans will be made in "WEIRD guy" Naked & Famous fit for their second collaboration. the denim is slightly different from the first collabs, instead of red selvage, they have pink selvage but the rest is just the same Momotaro specifications such as pink inseam stitching, hidden rivets, buttons and the deer skin waist-patch featuring graphics from both companies, the Naked & Famous pin up image combined with Peach Boy.

    the second batch of this collaboration will be up soon (F/W2011). according to NF guys, there will be only 400 pairs produced.

  9. 185200_194755510583687_116740195051886_552376_6050685_n.jpg

    or you can check Mister Freedom's official site for bigger picture. the fabric of stripe ranch blouse is light (around 8-10oz, if i'm not mistaken) and perfect for layering.

    back to suspenders topic, i really dig suspenders with chambray look (i know Paul T, rnrswitch, roy6 and eltopo already killed this look). stylewise this also looks good on a woman right?


  10. what did u order? :eek:

    I prolly should slow down though, recently bought the MF pantalon apache and now I'm waiting for that striped shirt from the new collection...

    not suspenders for sure but the stripes ranch blouse.... that one is rad! Rob allowed me to try on that MF ranch blouse sample during (Capsule) paris so i couldnt resist ;)

    is it the same one as you preordered?

  11. Kayodic, you should just sew buttons on your waistbands. It's so easy and would look dapper

    i consider to do it for my next pair which are straight and high rise. i wont put any buttons to my slim/skinny jeans tho'. thanks!

    Tiro; yeah i ask her... i'm also waiting for my MF :D

  12. although some people may know me as a social butterfly or a crazy levitation girl, my current job is a boring researcher. i'm still pursuing my MSc degree in petroleum engineering, doing the research of enhanced oil recovery technology for heavy oil reservoir and the method is called "in-situ combustion".

    the Tshape quartz reactor is filled in with sand and hexadecane (C16H34) as oil reservoir model. the reactor is heated up to desired temperature (150-400C) and injected with air or nitrogen to see which hydrocarbon gases appear as result of combustion reaction. (kids, dont do it at home!)


    and another rough day in the lab :(

    yes, i broke my last reactor tube...





    a rough day can't bring me down. oh dear kayo, what are you gonna do next?

    what you see is what you get people LoL...


    i need to release all negative aura by doing something; relaxing a bit at my cubicle, chilling, having a cup of coffee and sufuing? :D


    looking for some inspirations is what i'm doing right now. it's not easy to race with the style everyday, yeah ya know.... ;-)

    but today is just another casual wrywt outfit, IH tee, cardigan, NFxMomotaro, and vans.


    Hey... it's Masahiro Suwaki, the Vice President of Japan Blue Group and the mastermind behind Momotaro Jeans. i think he's talking about his personal style, Momotaro and Collect.


    ps. sorry people, bad quality pictures this time.

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