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  1. Thanks kayodic and tvshooter! I think I'll size up one then.

    kayodic, have they stretched much since your purchase? haha.

    waist stretched pretty much (around 1.5"-2" because i fiercely stretched it) but not thigh. i have put em on hiatus since they're still not too comfortable, yeah thigh problem :(

  2. i have SDL703 and i totally agree with tvshooter. jeans run small, top block and thigh area are so tight. i usually wear size 27 in most women's jeans but SDL703 is different case, i went TTS and i couldnt fit in. tried to stretch them (esp thigh and top block area), it took me a month to squeeze my butt and finally get all buttons done, i should have sized up to 29.

    take a note that SDL703 are low rise jeans, so the waist size is measured on your hips. please size up 2 for best comfortable fit or size up 1 if you have slender thighs :)

    here's the only fitpic that i took last year.


  3. ^yepp... havent emailed Naoki yet, i dont even dare haha... they're the new WWII so i think they will be the same case as your XX.

    i agree with ya, the belt loops remind me of those nudies. anyway, how about 501XX? :eek:


  4. ^LoL... action ass shot! you know T, i try my best not to rep you on Sams thread but apparently i still have to spread... told you before that your review was poison, seriously my hand get itchy everytime i see the WWII type aarrgghh... refuse to do it, Sams contest is next month!

    oh second pic is the winner ;)

  5. i've been wearing Geisha again lately, ya know Sams contest is just around the corner ;)

    Geisha lot12, roughly 6 months of effective wear (always in rotation)



    and the 21oz tote bag (4-5months)


  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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