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  1. analog29


    Hey dude! You should post what you like (as long as it's Acronym) and ignore what the haters think. Errolson reposted your last video on instagram so clearly, if it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for us.
  2. analog29


    It's probably still set as "Private sale" SSENSE has set a set VIP list based on how much you've spent there. If you can't access this page https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/sale then you likely haven't bought from SSENSE in a long time. You'll know you have access when you see this text at the top of the browser.
  3. analog29


    I own the KR-SM1 and the Nylon pouch part has never gotten in the way. I just make sure to wear the nylon against the body so that it's not visible. Mine is quite old so some of the text has worn off. That's the only part that really annoys me. Otherwise, it's been a staple in my collection.
  4. analog29


    Why don't you ask E yourself since he's going to be the only one that could answer your question. Also, "years ago" is nothing in terms of time. Acronym has been around for 20+ years now. I would love to see the LJ-2 make a comeback, or Limonta fabric being used again, but I doubt it will happen. If it does, great! If not, it won't stop by from buying future pieces. If you want a stotz jacket, you'll find plenty in decent condition in the acronym sales thread.
  5. analog29


    Could anyone help me ID these kicks Errolson is wearing here? I know they're Converse Chuck 70 hi tops. They look like canvas but it's hard to tell. Possibly an Undercover collab? I feel like this has been mentioned in the forum but i couldn't find anything via search. Anyhoo, any details would be greatly appreciated.
  6. analog29


    Undercoverism H6F05-1 Boots from 2011 https://hypebeast.com/2011/8/undercoverism-h6f05-1-boots
  7. analog29


    I have a J1A in L and my go to liner is the J65–AK in XL. The Aux zip on the liner is slightly longer, but not by much and it's not really noticeable, nor does it impact the way you would wear it. The J65 is short sleeve so you will never have that "long sleeve" problem to worry about.
  8. analog29


    I had the GT-J29 and it was very slim compared to my other jackets in the same size (medium.) I find WS to also fit more on the slimmer side. If I were you, I would definitely size up at least 1 size. If you have slightly longer arms, maybe go up 2 sizes if you want a bit of room to layer. Good luck!
  9. analog29


    Looking for an ID check on this belt. Anyone have any ideas?
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