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  1. 18 hours ago, unders said:

    Time for lame rant that definitely belongs in the nonsense thread, but is trainer related so I’ll stick it in here. 

    These will no doubt be old news to some of you here, but I heard about these the other day and what the actual fuck!? :blink: Crease guards (that look like cheap, breathable codpieces) which are bits of plastic (cos we haven’t got enough plastic) that prevent your trainers from creasing while you wear them. 

    Trainer fetishism has gone bonkers, and it transpires that creases are a big faux pas. You don’t want to look like the kind of tool that actually wears their clothes do you...?

    I personally love a beat up pair of trainers so I’m not the target market. I’m mostly a live and let live bloke, but this is too much. 

    Rant over. Don’t feel obliged to respond or acknowledge. Just posting has made me feel better. :)

    oh yeah it's fucking weird. I've seen it a few years back when I was collecting the 25th anniversary asics GL3s. think a few lads that were camping out with me had them on. first time I've heard about it then..

  2. Been doing a bit of woodworking and staining for a set of shelves for my shoes. these are getting dirtier. been trying to holding off on the washing until I've fully completed sanding and staining the wood.






  3. oh damn. didn't realised that happened. I remember the good old days when I first got into denim and you were on here telling me about Yuichi from Kaizoku pirates. I remember looking for denim stuff from pirates and b2nd

  4. 1 hour ago, MJF9 said:

    Yup it was definitely the Christmas holidays, same time every year

    It's actually in Tier 3, not that you'd know the difference from a picture

    You'll be able to look up Tier 4 restrictions online, though imo there are no respectable bragging rights in comparisons

    Sadly, there are new cases all over the globe, though thankfully Australia's are much lower (the online stats say only 13 new cases yesterday)

    yeah I'll admit the tiered restrictions are quite confusing when I briefly read them up. I have a couple mates down in gosport that are in tier 4 I believe. 

    Western Australia has no cases at all. We do not care about imported cases as they are from returning citizens and those numbers are irrelevant. Only community spread cases is important as that dictates if a state should shut its borders with other states. all new cases under Australia comes from the damned eastern states of NSW and VIC. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, Double 0 Soul said:

    Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe all the students have returned home till the 11th of Jan, therefore what you are seeing above isn't the effects of a Tier4 lockdown it's the effects of that once in a year event we call Christmas :)

    oh right, that's true. but it is still a massive difference to most of Australia right now. everything back to normal without any restrictions whatsoever and without a case in more than 6 months.

  6. I've always wondered what tier 4 looked like.. that is a MASSIVE difference to what life is in Australia (except NSW) right now where everyone is free to go out with no cases for 6 months.


    On 12/29/2020 at 12:49 AM, MJF9 said:

    I was at the wrong end of town today to get a picture of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral aka Paddy’s Wigwam. That’s a decent slab of concrete you might like.... will get one next time round


    if you're in Liverpool, every end is the wrong end of town. :P

  7. @Toegun  it could either be a 881 or 883 maybe. they're the two most popular models from them. you should just put them on when your main pair is in the wash.

    Thanks. i honestly forgot about my pair until i put my red clouds into the wash and looked through my denim rack. they're a comfortable pair to put back on and there's something about the fabric that makes it feel really nice to touch. i only wear them in between other pairs.. turned out alright i'd say.

  8. i put my 666UHRs back on and off a couple of days each week between the in last indigo invitational and the start of the current. still my favourite pair by a mile. here hoping the 666-21L can pair beside it down the road.. 

    washed it with some other pairs that i seldom wear and took some photos.













  9. On 10/13/2020 at 6:52 AM, cmboland said:

    Where do I sell part of my soul for a purple flannel?

    Ask Giles if they're willing to venture into the souls business. for everything else there's mastercard.

  10. 1 minute ago, MileHighEvertonian said:

    Just out of curiosity @Radiohead89 and @louisbosco why were you visiting this thread in the first place or at all? It's clearly marked; you didn't show up unawares. I could understand this level of involvement if the topic of pandemic masks surfaced in and crowded out other conversation in the blunders and nonsense thread. I don't visit the Watches and Denim thread because--no offense guys--but I think the relationship between watches and denim is tenuous at best and I don't wear a watch. I don't go to that thread to tell the people interested in that discussion that what they're invested in is frivolous or moronic by my standards; that would be petulant. Moreover, the mere presence of a pandemic mask thread on the forum isn't instigating a debate nor were the people that started the conversation here.

    i'm not telling anyone anything. i'm merely giving my replies in a rational discussion with people i've known here for a long time. not sure about anyone else. 

    Also low-key showing off that we in Western Australia are better off than everyone else in the world right now.. ;) bit insensitive i know but oh well.

  11. 19 minutes ago, BrownMetallic said:

    So, you’re saying, fuck the [most vulnerable],  they’re not the whole population ?!

    A government that cares for its people plan strategy from a worst case scenario.  Push comes to shove,  survivability rate depends on availability & quality of medical care.  If hospitalization rate overtakes hospital care/bed availability,  then care-givers will have that unenviable & inevitable decision to refuse admission & select to care for patients that have better chance of survival ... & that,  is a situation that no government wants to be in.


    Oiye! Apologies for breaking my promise ... :ph34r:

    no. you're wrong. what i'm saying is that we shouldn't fixate our attention to the case numbers rather to the death toll. i'm sure that all medical and health care facilities do their utmost best in caring for their patients. sadly, not all countries medical systems are equal and this kind of outbreak will put some systems to the test in terms of capabilities. i'm fortunate enough to live in countries that has top notch medical facilities and (free) healthcare system which can cope with this kind of outbreak. additionally, case figures do not take into account aggressive testing and asymptomatic patients which could skew numbers, hence my statement which fixates the response to a more confirmed figure. countries in the East Asia region who has experience with SARS also tend to fare better.. ie. high cases, high recovery figures and a low death toll, which most countries may not be able to achieve.

  12. 6 minutes ago, BrownMetallic said:

    I was just gonna let it slide & stop shitting up this thread, but ...


    i've been fortunate enough to travel while this was in it's early stages. so i roughly know how different places responded to the situation. Take Singapore as a prime example, over 60,000 cases but less than 30 deaths in a population of 5mil. Then there's also Australia, 1 state (WA) handled it brilliantly but the rest didn't and contributed to figures overall, not to mention hitting a second wave when they were so close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. the way i see it, total case number mean absolute fuck all. the true number we should see is the death toll, which will tell how people and a country dealt with the situation.

  13. 1 hour ago, Radiohead89 said:

    Has nobody read the book 1984 by George Orwell... books that teach you  how politics and propaganda work and that power corrupts. 

    no but animal farm was mint. "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others"

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