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  1. theotherchrislewis

    Leepro Appreciation

    To be honest, I didn't take the blanket lining into much consideration - I assumed they would factor that into the cuts & sizing and picked my size based on some basic measurements. The blanket isn't really 'that thick' but combined with the denim will need some breaking in to get a better fit. You may be right with the 100% wool - I just checked the store (through google translate) and it only says 'Wool' in the materials list for the blanket. I'm 6'1" and mine (42) fits me well but it is a generous fit through the body - I think if I went down to a 40, I 'could' maybe pull it off but it would be a snug fit and not what I'm after. That chest measurement also seemed off to me, but if you look at the pic - those pits are quite a way from each other. It's just one of the 'roomier areas' on the jacket. As a rough guide of overall 'jacket length' & 'where the shoulder sits' - it fits similar to my Iron Heart, IH-x526J (42) + LVC, Type-III (L) - but roomier through the upper body & chest area. Whereas my PBJ, Deep Indigo Type-II (4) + Momotaro, 2105SP (42) + Ande Whall, Grizzy (M) + TCB, 60's Third Type Trucker (42) are more fitted cuts on me - especially through the body & chest area. Hope that helps.
  2. theotherchrislewis

    Leepro Appreciation

    Thanks for the comments. @Paul T Interesting about the sanforized fabric - this may not be a 'true repro' then, as it was advertised as 'unwashed with a 5% shrinkage' (and did shrink a bit). Unfortunately I didn't take any pre-soak measurements but below are my post-soak - size 42: Centimeters / Inches Shoulders: 51.5 / 20.25 Chest: 61 / 24 Sleeve: 66 / 26 Back: 61.5 / 24.25 Waist: 53.5 / 21.5 All in all it is a lovely jacket, it feels puffier than what I expected (but have never owned a blanket-lined jacket before) and my favourite small detail is the small folding-over of the cuffs. I've attached a couple of pics but if you look up the code - there are heaps of good, detailed photos online. Saying that, some of those make the denim look a lot darker than what it is, I feel my shots are a truer blue. @428CJ Sounds like you have an amazing gem tucked away there! I did see a size 44 (but no 46) in both Rider & Storm Rider on Rakuten but can't remember which store sorry.
  3. theotherchrislewis

    Leepro Appreciation

    A bunch of MIJ Leepro Storm Rider jackets have recently dropped. I pre-ordered a blanket-lined with the corduroy collar off Rakuten (the shop also had the plain denim version too 'LM6013-189'). Code on the sticker says 'STORM RIDER 1119-289' (reverse side is white with 'THE ARCHIVES' on it). Mine (42) is soaking now, will post up some measurements in the next few days.