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  1. Shoes that look better with age...

    It won't be too much closer than NZ but another place is the 'Harold Boot Company' in Melbourne. I'm not sure if they accept resoles but they do have the same machine. Edit: They also have some nice little blurbs of the process on their site: http://www.haroldboot.com.au/constr
  2. Ande Whall Denim

    Haha, well done Maynard. Yeah, they were size 32 - rep for being a clever stalker! Agreed, they wern't that bad as far as overall fit goes (not as 'relaxed' as my Warehouse 1001XX) but around the waist they were slightly too big from word go and I had to wear a belt to stop them sliding (nothing to do with shrinking / stretching). Just thought I'd mention it as if someone sized tts, they would probably look ever so slightly slimmer than in my pic..... thought if I was wearing them for a whole year I'd go up 1 for 'comfort'. (BTW, I'm just over 6'1 and would have been around 85kg back then)
  3. Ande Whall Denim

    Here is a link from the Ande Whall Contest thread, the bottom pic is of me wearing my Buffalo's, probably at 10 months wear or so - I probably could have / should have gone down one size on these but you get the idea. http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/114904-ande-whall-contest-thread/page-33#entry2834348
  4. Viapiana Custom Jeans

    As you have highlighted with your examples above, different denims shrink & stretch differently so without knowing which ones you are referring to, it is hard to give you information on their individual properties and to make a generalisation on Viapiana denim as a whole would not help you out all. I think your best bet is to pick a few denim options that appeal to you, then send the team at Viapiana a message asking about the shrinking/stretching properties of your selections. It would be best to include them in the process of creating your jeans as they will have/should have run tests on each of them and will have a much better understanding. Saying that you may be lucky and manage to pick some denim options that people on this forum have had some experiences with, and get some good feedback but emailing the guys should get you a quicker response. Hope this helps!
  5. Shoes that look better with age...

    Cool - thanks for the info! I'm keen to look into the construction method some more now. I did see a blurb somewhere which said something about the construction being done in some traditional and rare method but I didn't know too many of the finer details - I guess that could make it harder to get them resoled then, if only a handful of people are still doing it? Like you, I've had my eye on them after seeing his blog - and the online pictures do make them look appealing but they look way better in the flesh - all the little/subtle details you pick up. And the deal breaker was when I saw this lighter coloured leather on a pair that Hemi happened to be waxing at the time was there - the other leathers were great, but this particular colour really stood out to me. Cheers Aires, PM'd you - go for it dude! You'll find some more leather options and details here. I forgot to say that I'm over in Melbourne early December and hear you guys have some nice artisan shoe/boot studios/shops/etc. over there - so if you can recommend any places for me to check out, please reply to my PM. Cheers! And again, cheers Mega! I thought what Hemi is doing with his boots is well worthy of living here alongside everyone else's amazing pairs that inspired me to get some in the first place. I've been a long time lurker on this (and the old) threads and had been planning to 'eventually' get a pair of nice boots for ages but for some reason had never got around to it. Yeah, he's such a nice guy that every time I'd been down in Wellington (which is not enough) I made sure to swing past the store to check out what's new (as many of the brands he carries aren't available up in Auckland where I live) but I would end up being 'stuck there' (in a good way) chatting to him for ages, so much now that I block out some 'Wakefield Hotel-time' into my itinerary - and its one of my highlights!
  6. Shoes that look better with age...

    Back in August, while I was down in Wellington for our local Beer Festival, I saw some pairs of NZ handmade boots at Wakefield Hotel which caught my eye. I had seen them before in pictures online, but to hold a pair in my hands was another story and knew I had to eventually get myself a pair so although I didn't have the funds at the time I sized myself up to order a pair at a later date. And almost 2 months later to the day, my custom pair arrived on my doorstep. For these, I chose the bailey crust leather with double leather sole & a rubber toe piece. This is my first pair of real 'solid boots' and I'm over the moon with them. The stitching/construction looks immaculate and the leather has a lot of character to it and I'm really looking forward to seeing it develop over time - move over sneakers! Cheers Hemi!
  7. Ande Whall Denim

    Yeah, it has the poncho details but you also have the option of ordering them with plain facings too.
  8. Ande Whall Denim

    SR6 just dropped...... Looks like it's the same as the older 2010/11 15.3oz denim but with some added 'poncho cloth' detailing - very interesting! http://andewhall.bigcartel.com/new-sr6-model
  9. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    HC-SF-59 - Red Cloud R400
  10. Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread

    HC-SF-59 - Red Cloud R400 Here is a quick update on my Red Clouds - I had been waiting for some sunny weather to take a few photos but we have been recently blessed with many rainy & overcast days so decided to take a few shots anyway. Am loving the texture of these jeans, the more I wear them, the more interesting they are getting.... 1/ Full Front - (with heavyweight belt) 2/ Full Back - (with heavyweight belt) 3/ Whiskers - no crotch blow-out yet! 4/ Back pocket & Tab - wallet fades are starting to show through 5/ Roping - I initially wore these with jadals/thongs/flip flops and wore down the backs of the legs a little. 6/ Patch - smudged the stamp when I applied some leather conditioner. 7/ Pockets - I never realised that they were indigo dyed until I took a photo today and saw the fading - cool!
  11. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    HC-SF-59 - Red Cloud R400 Contest 1: Movie Poster Thought i'd add this in here too:
  12. Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread

    HC-SF-59 - Red Cloud R400 Contest 1: Movie Poster
  13. Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013 - 2015 - Official Thread

    HC-SF-59 - Red Cloud R400 I found some old photos of my contest jeans taken straight after their initial (and only) soak back in mid March. I'm pretty sure that I had only tried them on at this stage - just to see how the shrinkage went. And here are some updates from today. The weather has been pretty average here over the past few weeks, but the sun broke through this afternoon for a couple of hours so I managed snapped off some shots - completely different lighting to the pics above but enough to see the evo. The close up shots are closest to true colour.
  14. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    HC-SF-59 - Red Cloud R400 14.03.13 - 1 soak (unworn) 11.05.13 - 1 soak
  15. HWDC2 - Pictures Only Thread

    HC-SF-59 checking in! 1. Red Cloud R400, 17oz, 34w 2. Heavyweight Belt - Natural Italian Russet, 1.5" with Nickle Buckle #4