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  1. My take.... no offence to any other people and just from my point of view as a craftsman.

    The objective of leather crafting is to turn a piece of ordinary hides, doesn't matter where they come from, how the tannery runs, dyed or process, make into a beautiful products that is usable, durable, and can age nicely with detail patina (the sign of good craftsmen-ship)

    Of course using better mention leather will add more plus to it. (the sign of good craftsmen-ship with good leather)

    A good leather product is only when it age nicely and not deforming from original state. If you look back to your old wallets, do you have a bulging bill fold that has expand 10 times it usual size? That is a lousy make and lousy owner.

    No bias to any brand out there, all leather product needs tons of effort in creating. Respect.

  2. Thanks Gentlemen! From two true craftsmen, I take it as a compliment.

    I'm reluctant to post these photos as it's as far as I'm going with this wallet. Based on my many lessons learned with it and my first wallet, it's going in the trash (might use it for scrap leather) and I hope to start making them at your guys' caliber sooner than later. I was going to get fancy with more studding on the inner button flaps, but will do that on the next wallet...this week. It still needs more stitching and finished edges. I'm learning from scratch...and the hard way, so hopefully I don't have to scrap too many wallets.

    Now to learn how to stitch...

    This is so addictive!!


    Your creativity stud work is sick!

    Your work is apart from the rest (so far i have seen), it has compromise everything. Hope to see more of your creation.

  3. Usage late 2009 - mid 2011




    Can't remember the actual date i start using this, and this wallet has serve me well....

    And here it goes, joining the vault of archive with the rest.


    My new wallet!

    London Tan Long with Python details






    Trust me, even as a craftmens for OGL, the feeling of having this new wallet is the same as everyone else, all excited!

  4. Great work Scasi! Hollow, the site looks phenomenal!

    Didn't know where to ask, but I've been playing with a bit of leather and was wondering how one burnishes edges? I've already smoothed and rounded the edges by hand with the finest sanding drill bit I could find, before finishing it by hand.

    I've got some tragacanth because I've read that it's one of the cheaper, more accessible things to use when finishing/burnishing, but am a bit unclear about where to go from here..

    Hi Solix, when you finish it off with the sand paper, use the tragacanth gum with a applicator to run thru the edge (excess leather fiber), you can see that the gum will form the fiber, wait for it to dry.

    Use a slicker or any wooden object to slick thru the edge, in a similar momentum front and back. You will see the edge burnish and turn slightly darker due to the friction heat.

    From my experience, don't do it when it's too wet, you might get a different tone of shade.

    Enjoy trying!

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