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  1. Anybody have any tips on card pockets in more complex wallets? I've done a fair share of card holders and small items for friends and would like to move onto wallets, but I can't seem to wrap my head around a good way to work pockets into my design.

    The only way I can figure to keep cards in place and not slide down is to stitch each stacked pocket on the bottom to the inside portion of the wallet then stitch the outside edges of the inside piece to the shell of the wallet. It looks somewhat sloppy, but admittedly, my stitching needs a lot of work.

    show some pics, i believe a lot of those who is experience will share some thoughts.

  2. Corter, i am always amazed at how neat your stitching is. Great work!

    Been, awhile since I made anything, but got a bit of time to work on some carving. Here are some close ups of two different projects:



    Every once in a while I check out this thread again and I'm inspired by all the work everyone is doing.

    Thank you everyone for posting.

    Superb craft, care to show the full work?

    Looking forward!!!

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