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  1. ok ive been wearing my sz 34 SExI14s for around two months now, but my thighs are too tight. the legs are fine, the waist is fine but the thighs make it too hard to ride a bike and stuff like that, so im looking to try out a new pair.

    right now im looking at

    IH 666

    Flat Head bsps

    Open to any and all other suggestions though. Will the ones i listed be big enough in the thigh for me, while still maintaining the over all slim/straight look?

    Any suggestions and advice much appreciated!

    I say go with the IH 666. I haven't seen anything but happy customers with those jawns. Also, the Eternal 811 is pretty awesome, it's what I've been wearing.


    I just got these a few days ago and already wore them outside because they felt fine at first. But now they've stretched out and I think they're a bit too big.

    If anyone has a trade, or is thinking about buying 9D Indys and wants to buy an 8.5 for me and trade for my US 9D...that would be amazing.

    Will also just sell them for SOLD.







  3. that filson will last you forever and then some.

    Duluth are ok

    The brief case is cool (been carrying that same one awhile) but it doesnt hold a whole lot without getting heavy (i.e. 2-3 text books and a binder). If you want a backpack the filson backpacks are awesome.

    Go Filson. You wont be disappointed.

    Rad, thanks for the advice. Just ordered the Filson computer briefcase in tan =]

    I know they are completely different but...

    Alden Black Indy Boots or Lone Wolf engineer boots?

    Want black boots.

    I'm personally not a fan of the engineer boots, so my vote is for the black indys. I've got my first pair of Aldens---Indy 403s coming in the mail today.

  4. i actually saw those while cruising through this thread, but i'm not really a fan of the christy sole. I was thinking something more along the lines of what kansas mentioned with the roy sole.


    (pic is not mine)

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