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  1. edit: as always, i got impatient and ordered the 32 from Pirates. Let's hope they fit, because there's no exchanging these.


    After I shrink these with a hot soak, will they probably just stretch back out to tagged measurements?

  2. I just started wearing the 710xx. I have athletic legs and this cut is awesome. It tends to fit well in the waist but is comfortable in the top block, thighs and calves. Definitely go tts, it stretches more than I expected for a heavy denim. Amazing jeans.


    Awesome, thanks man. I'm still really torn on if I should go 32 or 31. I wear a 31 in Left Field's Indigo Miner chinos, but I've been out of the denim game so long I don't really know my size anymore.

  3. Damn, those look great too. Just placed an order for some Indigo Cone Mills Miners. I've read that they will stretch quite a bit? I ordered them a "size down," would you say that's the right choice?


    I plan on cutting a bit of bodyfat, so if not I think I'll probably lean in to them. 


    Almost wish I would have snagged the black ducks instead, but I love that selvage on the indigo.

  4. I already adviced you to look for the UES 400T and FH 3012...

    Sorry, I must have missed that. The 400T are a little lighter weight than I'd prefer and the measurements seem a little too slim.


    The Flatheads look promising but I don't know if I'm a fan of their pocket designs. I've never owned a pair of FH. I'd like to see some fit pics of them on someone who actually has a butt and thighs though. I'll have to scour the FH thread.




    Arrggh I long for those yellow arcs so much. Where do I get a pair like that? It's probably too late now as I just placed an order for a pair on rakuten, but I'd love to know if they are purchasable outside of Japan.

  6. As a fellow weightlifter I would say samurai 710xx! Best jeans I ever owned!

    Awesome, I was 80% set on Sams, but I think you've pushed me to 100%. I'm not huge by any means, 30-31 inch waist, 167 pounds. But I do have larger legs than the average skinny man. I think S710s will be a good fit. Safe choice for my reintroduction into denim.

    My issue is that my waist is very small in comparison to my thighs.

  7. Been away from the denim game for almost two years now, and I'm finally looking to pick a pair up again,


    Momotaro 0201




    Samurai S710XX


    or something else? Looking for something that'll fit thighs and butt of a weightlifter, but has a nice taper. 


    Previous favorites were Eternal 811s (though I would've liked more taper) and Iron Heart IHxB01 Beetle Busters. Also loved the 710s for the few days I had them.

  8. So it seems I missed out on the indigo duck miners. Will there be a restock in the near future, or is twill my only option?


    What is the difference between duck and twill? Less durable?


    edit: nevermind searched the thread and found my answer.

  9. Seconds Indigo canvas greasers finally arrived. The fit is absolutely spot on. Will probably order a pair of their original denim greasers as well now. 


    The fabric is much lighter (not heavy) than I imagined, but there's nothing wrong with that, The color is beautiful. Can't wait to see how they fade. Definitely going to keep the length and rock stacks on this pair. Thanks LFNYC!

  10. Oh snap, completely forgot about that thread. Didn't realize they were the same fabric as the chinos.Thank you.


    edit: what kinds of irregularities should I expect from the LFNYC seconds? Is it worth it for 32 bucks off?

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