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  1. I think the fit is nice now, but the waist is still too big. It feels awkward to wear a belt and get sinching in the waistband. Maybe I'm wearing them too high above my hips idk, but I've never been a fan of low rise jeans.

  2. i like the presoak fit; my stuff also seems to shrink more than others though so maybe its just me; how much are you selling for? how can you live in viet nam and not know how to ship mail? lol for a good price i'll have someone pick them up 


    >how can you live in viet nam and not know how to ship mail?


    The shipping services are really shitty in my experience (Like third world country shitty). If you've ever been to Vietnam, which it sounds like you haven't, it's difficult to find "official" retailers, services, etc. that are internationally recognized. Yes, there is FEDEX, DHL, and I think UPS, but they have a very small presence here.


    And I've only been living here for a little over three months now. I have a full time job, give me a break. 



    That said, I decided to hot soak them last night, and I'm wearing them right now. They shrunk a good amount and are now giving me that more "classic" straight fit that most people seem to like around here. I think I'll just 1.5" cuff them for now and see where they take me. The waist is still a little big, but I can live with it.


    I can always get a pair of more fitted jeans when I move to Japan in March. Selling and shipping them is probably more trouble than it's worth. 

  3. Interesting...I thought the 666S-19L would be roomier. But now that I look at the measurements, the 555 do indeed have more room in the thighs.


    I don't see the 555 anywhere on Rakuten though...bummer.

  4. 31 in Samurai S710. 


    What size do you think I should look at for IH-555-02...32? I have a really slim waist compared to my hips and thighs. 


    Or maybe I should look at the IH-666S instead to gain a bit more room in the thighs.

  5. Bro you're good just wear a belt. Don't worry about them being too big right now, you'll see the jeans willl continue to shrink as you wash them. That looks like a perfect fit down the leg, and if the waste is the only issue it will repair itself over time. Better too big but still wearable than too small that you can't even wear. 2 sizes down is pushing it. 1 size will probably be uncomfortable after max shrinkage


    Eh, these are just way loose. They really kill my figure (I know that sounds silly), but they make me look really chunky. If I wear a belt, there's so much slack they literally fold and it's really uncomfortable.


    I'm just not a baggy pants person. I like them to be fitted.




    I've bought and sold a few pairs now, even going back to buy the original size in a pair I previously sold. Frustrating to say the least.  


    What did you buy - the 19oz black arcs? Or 16oz OG?


    You've got a week to contact Yuichi for an exchange, I wouldn't hang about - or, to be fair, with current Yen pricing you might well be able to sell these on without getting hit too bad. But I suppose in both cases you've got the problem you mention re shipping. 


    Anyway I use these heavy card bubble padded envelopes from the Post Office (UK), they are about a foot by a foot and half, few quid each - no problems yet. Must be somewhere to do over the counter international tracked/insured post in the main cities?


    edit -




    I googled 'sending parcels home from Saigon' and found this, well old but see post 2




    and post 3




    Wow, thanks for doing that! They are the 19oz. I'll contact Yuichi and see what he says, but I had him hem a few cm off for me so I don't know if he'll accept a return. And I'm not even sure he has any 31 in stock. 


    Maybe I can just sell them on the marketplace.

  6. Do you have any fit pics? :)

    Just posted a couple in the Samurai thread :)



    Also, @Left Field, is it possible for you to remove tags on an order and declare a lower price to avoid ridiculous customs fees here in Vietnam?

  7. Yeah they're from Yuichi. The bummer is that I'm living in Vietnam right now and I wouldn't even know where to go to ship them, or where to acquire proper shipping supplies.

    It would be a huge pain in the butt for me. I don't know what I was thinking considering I wear a 31 in my Left Field Miners.

    I might be moving to Japan in March so maybe I can order the 31 and hold onto these 32 until I'm there and try to sell. I don't know ugh.

  8. Welp, I think I screwed these 710 up. Ordered a 32, probably should have opted for 31 or 30. Didn't think they'd be so huge (pre-soak)....what do you guys think?:





    And here are my Left Field Indigo Miners for reference of what I'm going for:




  9. i have a pair of tagged size 33 555-01's. my thighs aren't small by any means. i was kinda worried about the same thing initially but decided to take a shot and i'm happy with the results.

    it's hard to compare them to 710xx's for me, because when i had my sams i was about 30 pounds heavier (weight lifting). they were a tagged size 34 and i felt like i was going to bust the ass/thighs out of them, which is why i ended up selling them. granted they were from the 10th run, so they ran kinda small to begin with..

    let me know if you have any questions about the 555's. i realize the above doesn't really give you much to go on :P


    Have any fit pics? Are the 555's like a tapered 666s?

  10. Thanks. Yeah, all black would be pretty boring. The first pair could look nice.


    I'd really prefer to get an acorn or marron pair, but they're so spensive. Wish I could find a worn pair.


    Used to have a pair of Alden Indy in whiskey cordovan. Really regretting my decision to sell those right now =/

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