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  1. I'm lucky 79! I just placed my order. I'm going 38 x 30 one wash to take all the fuss away and just be able to get down to business. 38 is what my jeans usually end up stretching too and being at home for 3 months has taken its toll so I needed to size up.

    I've been wanting some loose fit jeans for awhile and happy I'm able to take place in another contest. 

    Hopefully I can participate more than I did in the Eternal contest, my brief stint with the roy x cone, and finally the TCB 1920s. Sadly I outgrew every pair hahah. 

  2. Will the jacket have the contest patch as well? I'm definitely going to order the jeans but not sure if I'll be able to swing the jacket as well. I have some things for sale on eBay that will hopefully sell and give me the funds to get both. But worst case scenario I could always order the jacket later when I'm back to work and can afford it.

  3. I'm super excited about this contest. I loved my contest 20s but after like 8 months I developed an intense wedgie over time from washing and sadly had to stop wearing them.

    Was there a list I'm supposed to sign up on for just post my interest? I showed my wife already to break the ice that I'm buying more denim. 

  4. On 5/1/2020 at 1:59 AM, Sympathy-For-The-Denim said:

    hi folks, has anyone succsessfully stretched a pair of Red Wing engineer 2966 klondike widewise at the instep, right where the bootleg part and the foot part of the leather are connected, just where the buckelbelt sits? My boots fit perfectly lengthwise and hurt after few minutes for the are too snug at this part. many thanks in advance for any comment


    I've been struggling with the same spot with my Wesco Mister Lous's. I tried just a regular shoe tree to but that wasn't enough so put a sock on it and wedged it in and then pulled the strap as tight as possible. I've only been able to wear them for a few hours at a time. Hopefully they hit that sweet spot soon.

  5. Lots of new jeans have been released by Left Field over the past few months. I picked up a pair of Kevlar jeans and had to go up a size cause they were tight. After a few wears and long rides though they have come to fit like my other Atlas pairs.

    My next pair is gonna be the natural indigo/hemp denim for sure. They have such a crazy variegation in color that I havent seen before. 

  6. I recently picked up the Century Denim no 5 in monkey cisco fit size 36. I typically wear 34-36 depending on the brand and fit and im surprised these fit at all to be honest.

    I remember years ago in Blue in Green and trying them on in various sizes and fits and not really finding one I liked. I was in the Lower East Side and stopped by Mannahatta and had to try them on again. The higher rise of the Monkey fit seems to have worked out for me because only the waist band was tight but I was able to close them at least. After wearing them for two weeks they have stretched comfortably. I cold soaked the legs and thighs but not the seat area to see if there was any shrink, none that I noticed. I'll probably hem them after another cold soak in a few more weeks. 

  7. Have you guys checked out the Black Marias by Left Field? I know Christian so I'm partial to the brand but the Collect Mills black denim fades beautifully. The Xinjiang denim doesnt seem to get as much contrast as the Collect in my experience but that could be due to my heavily washing schedule. 

    The denim is available in all three fits, the Greaser straight 501 style cut, the Chelsea slim skinny from the thigh down tight fit, and the Atlas with bigger thighs and taper towards the ankle. I rock the Greaser to work in and the Atlas to look slim in. Ive have over 10 pairs of Left Field so lots of experience with the brand.



  8. I have got some old photos from the beginning of summer Ive been meaning to post. I stopped wearing for most of June/July/August due to the heat and didnt want to have to wash daily so I wore my TCB carpenters ( i need to update with photos of them as well).

    I just put mine out to dry after a recent wash and will upload those as well. Im glad to see everyone posting again, its been a hot lazy summer for me.

  9. I have a LVC type 1 not the official TCB but I still wanna be part of the crew!

    I think I have only done initial wash and one other but am tempted to do more after seeing nycsurfer's. I've been wearing them to work and they get grimey fast but I still wanna get nice whiskers so its hard to make a decision. Does anyone know the liquid starch process they have been doing in Japan?

    I think I remember to starch after the wash and before the dry? I have been hesitant of the dryer to keep as much starch in them as possible lol

  10. WOOOOO WEEEE!!! I took off work today because I'm getting tattooed later and I'm lazy but it paid off because the post woman just delivered my pair!!!!!! 

    I'm about to throw them in for a hot rinse with no spin and then hang dry for maximum crunchiness hopefully! I gotta get my hands on some of that liquid starch.

  11. On 2/23/2018 at 3:31 PM, Maynard Friedman said:

    Is the back made out of some kind of stretchy material, like a pair of braces/suspenders?

    I'm pretty sure that part is elastic or something that stretches when you bend over. I like these lowbacks and will get a pair whenever they're available. I don't mind the branding cause I'll be working in them and most of the time have to wear a high vis vest or bright tee shirts so I'm not going for any fashion points.

  12. On 2/23/2018 at 6:38 AM, volvo240thebest said:

     the pics I saw of the new, 3rd overall design made by TCB are quite incredible. I guess it's time for to fullfill entirely my denim fetish by dipping my toes into overalls, Uncle Jesse style.



    I saw these post on IG and sent Inoue a message right away about when theyd be available for sale! Id love a pair of lowbacks for the summer, a nice loose fit for a breeze to blow through. This past year I have fully submerged in the bibs waters and have been loving it. Although I will say wearing insulated bibs all day does get tiring on your legs but you do stay mighty toasty even in 0 degree weather. 


    I sent out my pair on Tuesday with DHL so I am not sure where they are at the moment? I hope everything is in order soon and we can get this thing rolling again. 

  13. My cinch came busted as well. I can get it to stick if I push the prongs through with my thumb behind it.

    I washed my pair last week with no spin and hung dry. I definitely lost another inch in the inseam but didn't want to dry and lose my creases haha. I have to take some updated photos soon. 

    Got a new tattoo today while enjoying the weekend off. 


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