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  1. ^not my cup of tea, sorry. And all the levitating pics don't get better when copied too often.

    max power, I couldn't have articulated the sentiment better and I agree with you.

    First it was the jumping and now it's the photoshopped levitation, neither of

    which I'm impressed by because they require minimal talent and ability. Now this

    (see dkatz and dad photo below) I'm impressed with. As an avid yoga practitioner,

    I still require a wall for my handstands and headstands.

    An unsupported handstand requires a certain gymnastic agility, talent and fitness

    level !


  2. elclintor, i love the way your 634S-RAW fit on you. You're such a skinny dude, but you still go loose. obbigood, you too...perfect fit, though not as loose as elclintor -- still, imho, perfect.

  3. I'm in. All those restaurants you guys mention in downtown/mid-town sac sound delicious. Evening (Dinner) would be best for me...but I'm flexible.

    Though I'm a fashion ignoramous (I simply like high end Japanese denim and little else, as you can tell from my WAYWT-Denim posts) I think one of the big reasons that high-end fashion/denim stores fail in the Sac area is because there's a dearth of people with high dollars available to spend. NYC, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, LA...these are money'd towns which attract single, unmarried, childless types with money to burn. I have yet to meet a single individual personally in Sacramento who would spend more than $50 on jeans. Sacramento seems to attract family-oriented types...and let's face it, it's damn tough to raise a brood in NYC, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, LA, etc...especially if home ownership is part of the plan. So, the type of folks who live in Sacramento are mostly middle-class Americans raising families on a tight budget. The fact that there are Self Edge stores in San Francisco, LA, and NYC is no accident. Casual passers-by walking into those stores and dropping thousands of $$ in one hour is probably not unheard of, and perhaps even quite common.

  4. time to switch it up, yo. Here I am wearing a pair of Sz-31 Samurai S510XX 24-oz, purchased from ah_long a few months ago (these are brand new jeans and ah_long gave me a great deal). Since I've owned them, I washed and tumble-dried them inside-out HOT HOT HOT ONCE, then had the length altered by a local tailor. It's high time that I start breaking these in...it took me around 10 minutes to just ramrod the buttons into the stubborn button holes (I almost gave up on the bottom-most one), the jeans are so stiff ! They sure are comfortable though. I rejoice in their formidable crunchiness !


  5. you have a nice ass, beautiful_freak, and all your jeans fit pretty much spot-on perfect-- so i'll give you love...:) i might wait for gordon on them because I'm not flush with $$ at the moment.

  6. Wow Beautiful_Freak...don't know whether to love you or hate you ! What makes it especially difficult is that, comparatively, these are not that expensive on http://www.and-japan.com and moreover, the website boldly prints the statement below.

    We offer FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for Asia, Europe, and North America for this item! For shipping rates for other areas, please contact us.

    Items will be shipped via Fedex with a tracking number. US/Canada: Delivered within 2-4 days after dispatch. Asia: Delivered within 2-4 days after dispatch. Europe: Delivered within 3-5 days after dispatch.

    deli-img.gif Country shipping cost Estimated days

    to arrival Asia FREE 2-4days Australia 1000JPY 3-5days Canada FREE 2-4days EU FREE 3-5days india 1000JPY 3-5days indonesia FREE 2-4days NewZealand 2000JPY 3-5days Russia 2500JPY 3-5days US FREE 2-4days

    items will be shipped via fedex with a tracking number.

    Review on this item

  7. i am in citrus heights at least for the next year and i've been here for one year (transplant from Oakland). we should have a meetup. i prefer somewhere in downtown or mid-town sac rather than thundervalley or blackhawk. thundervalley and blackhawk are so redneck ! i'll bring the DSLR. let's do it !

  8. max power, your locale looks very European and beautiful ! venomous72, your food looks succulent but i would be FAT if I ate like that too often. zeen...quit your day job and sign on with National Geographic or Scientific American Mag ! -z- your photos more than any other reinforce the aphorism that indelible wisdom is all about experiences and not about clothes and things.

  9. been there dude. it really sucks when that happens (sizing error) and the jeans have already been altered. but can you elaborate please ? tell us more about this sizing error, i'm assuming post-shrinkage predicted measurements end up much too small ?...it may help people to make the decision on whether to buy or not and will save them the trouble of logging onto the IH Forum to get the question answered.

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