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  1. Volvo, might wanna add that no one reply any comments to the submission thread to keep it less crowded. All comments could be directed to this thread and I'm assuming people can cross post their final submission on both threads if they want.

  2. Only beer I really drink at the moment. Alcohol content doesn't really worry me to much, but a nice 70-80 ibu is perfect. Really just like something strong, so my tastes might change to stouts when I can find a good one.


    If you see it in the stores, there's one called the three musketeers porter, it's a really nice porter that has scents of coffee, caramel and chocolate. Not too thick if memory serves me correct.



  3.  Aye Paul I just happen to dislike just as much Ipa's and superslub heavy weight denim haha!

    i just love when a beer tastes of beer, something is becoming more and more rare this days.

    I'm not at all a connoisseur nor a beer enthusiast (more of a wine person myself) but my favourite beer is a nice draught La Chouffe, mmh...

    Anyone into lambic beers here? Been invited to a lambic taste beer night last time I was over in Belgium and had a hard time to resist till the end.. worse than Ipa's, for God's sake!


    if you have a chance, try the punk IPA by brewdog, it might change your mind. 


    I'm a hardcore IPA and stout drinker.. but I love all sorts of beer (except for light beer)

  4. Ah Long, those are ridiculous! you don't have to wear them another day and will prob win best fades.  what kind of wallet do you have that produces that fade mark? also, your pair looks like the leg has a slight taper similar to the Devi's contest pair.  is that just the angle of the picture?

    Just the angle of the picture and the shrinkage at the hem caused by roping. Take 5 HK did an awesome job hemming these.

    Just a regular bifold, nothing special. Pocket lining would probably make the pockets last longer though.

  5. Wow, insane updates all around! We have about 4 months left so this is where things will really start getting interesting. I haven't seen a pair yet that isn't in contention, aside from maybe my pair which only gets sparse wear :(


    ah_long, I bet you'll see those pictures on the TCB blog tomorrow! lol


    I'm glad it's ending in 4 months, not sure if they will last beyond that without getting sent out for repairs. My experience tells me that they will break down in an accelerated pace in the next few months.


    These are the some of the slowest fading jeans I've owned so far (right up there with Evisu No. 1), but it's probably one of the most rewarding pair. These jeans represents back to the basics for me, no arcs, no pocket lining, no loud features; just nice roping, marbling and texture all around! They go really well with relatively frequent machine washing as well!

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