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  1. i'm loving the fit of these shits so much right now, i'm really glad i went true to size on the 0105's. waist just sits at my hips, no need for any pain or stretching and it's sooo nice having breathing room everywhere...i don't know why i ever put up with slim jeans, i may never go back now

    I've never understood why some people want their jeans to fit so slim and tight. I like having blood flow be able to get to my pecker!

    I want my jeans to look like jeans did 50 to 60 years ago, and in most cases that wasn't skin tight. High waist, roomy butt, straight legs, rolled cuffs.

    The more I wear my 0105s, the more Iike 'em. They're softening up, fit great, and look good. I'll give 'em a week or two more of daily wear, then start rotating them with my LVC '44s.

  2. The time is also a factor for me. If I had gotten the FC thread with the shipment of the jeans I would have sewn the arcs on at that time. Now that I'm wearing them I just don't feel like going back and doing it, plus I like them with just the tab.

    BTW, Mr HaGa I think they are a 1955 or so repro. Definitely a 50s repro.

    I've got a pair of LVC 1944 jeans and a pair of LVC 1955 jeans. The 0105Cs are certainly closer in fit/cut to the 55s than they are to the 44s.

    The buttons on the 0105Cs are similiar to the buttons on the LVC '44s, and of course so would be painted on arcs.

    I don't consider the contest jeans a reproduction of anything. They're simply quality, vintage style jeans, that would have fit right in 55 or 60 years ago.

  3. i got my jeans on monday the 2nd, i have yet to take photos, i just wanted to get my official start date out there. number 55, size 31x 39....still not sure about the arcs, i feel strange adding the branding. its all about the fabric and the construction to me. what do you guys think? why add the tag and the arcs?

    Gordon asked if I wanted tag and arc stencils sent with my 0105Cs, and I said no. They're not Levis, and I don't intend to do them up to look like Levis. If I put a design on the back pockets, I'll come up with something of my own and have it stiched on.

    BTW, I'm 0105C #087, soaked Monday night, started wearing them yesterday. No photos yet.

  4. Soaked my 0105Cs for five hours yesterday, then ran them through the dryer. Shrunk up nicely, and fit like I wanted at the waist, seat, and rise. Roomier than I'm used to in the legs, and would prefer straight vs. tapered. Oh well.

    Like another poster (Mich?) I'm not really experiencing any color loss. Tub and water I soaked them in didn't really turn blue, and I'm not getting any blue on my hands even when the jeans were wet. The dry 1108Cs I handeled last week turned my hands pretty blue in just 5 minutes.

  5. setterman, that be me. I had the wrong pair shipped to me. I ordered 0105C but I received 1108C. So upon returning them, the re-shipped pair did not have a number but I am #030.

    You should ask Johnny or Gordon about your number. It's important to keep track of the contestants. You may have the sickest fades at the end of the contest so.. be sure to find out.

    Thanks! I've contacted them and have my number to apply myself.

  6. My 0105Cs came today, but there's no contest number assigned to them. Is this a problem? I've seen at least one other pair in this thread that lacked a number.

    Any advice on getting the max shrinkage out of these? I tried a pair of 1108Cs last week and I wasn't going to get the rise and seat room I need with that model, so I went with the 0105C. They've got the room I need, but they're wider than I'd like in the leg, and looks like they may still be too wide after shrinking. Plan is to do an initial soak in hot water (around 130 degree F) for four hours, and then dry them in the dryer on the highest setting.

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