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  1. I have two pairs of 76s, both size 36X34. The NWT pair and the older pair (which I’ve worn almost daily since their last wash over a month ago) both measure right at 37”. The older pair is going on the wash now, and I expect them to be around 35.5” post wash.



  2. Pretty sure those from the 15th Anniversary.  IIRC, the 1105 ran small that year.  They'll stretch, but less with a zipper than they would with a button fly.  And looking at where the 1101s are at, and the amount of strain on their waistband, I doubt those 1105s are going to work.  Sorry!    

  3. 14 hours ago, propellerbeanie said:

    Here are some impressions after wearing these jeans for a few months since I wore mine while I was in the European summer for around 3.5 weeks. Under sunlight, you can see streakiness and subtle slub, but under incandescent lights, it kinda looks plain.

    Yep, at this point the fading kinda disappears under indoor lighting, but outdoors you can see their promise of results a few more months down the line.  The slub, streaking, and how they're fading reminds me a lot of the LVC 66s.    

  4. Should have been a little more detailed. Not sure what the leg opening is on the LVC 44s and 47s. But, the last pair of 44s I had (size 36) were about the same in the waist as my '47s (size 38). So, forgetting what the tag says, they're the same size. Comparing the legs of the two, the 44s were noticeably more narrow through the thigh. The two were probably very similar at the ankle, but because of the slimmer thigh the '44s give more of that straight, slim, stove pipe, 40s look, like the guy in the photo.

  5. If you're wearing a 33" inseam without a lot of stack, then they'll be too short. My 76s with a tagged inseam of 34 shrank to 31.5 to 31.75". These have become my go to jeans since the end of the DWC. Starting to get some whiskers and thigh fading, though nothing dramatic enough for the camera to really capture. Really liking the fit and denim.

  6. Get a squirt bottle, fill it with water, and squirt the waist band until soaked. While wet, stretch the waistband by hand. Don't get carried away, you can pull out the waist band button. Stretch a small section at a time (inside two belt loops). Looking at how the waist band currently is (no signs of strain at the button), I bet you can stretch them out by at least an inch.

  7. From the WH Tumblr page. Looks like the 1606 is relatively regular up top, like a 1001, with a strong taper below the knee.





  8. Thanks guys! The banner denim takes some patience the first 200 to 300days, and then really takes off from there. You'll never get blaze white outta them without really forcing it into them, but who wants that when the denim has so much depth and character on its own?

  9. 1 hour ago, BigSugar said:




    Damn guys? I'm willing to chalk this up to "Different strokes for different folks" but you all seem to suggest conspiracy! 


    You're right, taste is subjective and the judges have made their choice. 

    Excluding your final submission, you posted five updates during two years, only one of which  was in the final 12 months of the competition. I think what you're experiencing is guys that prefer my jeans and probably are asking themselves "who the hell is this guy?". Personally, with that low of a level of participation and updates (something that we were told from the get go would be taken into consideration come judging time), I don't know why your jeans were even considered.  Is what it is. The opinions i actually care about have been positive here and on instagram, and that's sufficient for me.

  10. It appears photobucket isn't going to let us share pictures anymore without paying. Mega was kind enough to permit me to reupload directly onto Sufu my first two pix from my final post, which were being hosted by photobucket.  Hopefully there's no loss of resolution (I think that's why I was using photobucket to post them here).  Just about all my two year's worth of updates done in my DWC forum thread were done via photobucket, so I assume none of them are visible now.  I don't have the time to attempt to repost all of them.   





  11. 8 hours ago, Denimstoyevsky said:

    Oh boy. No matter how much I read on here, I can't get a handle on which Warehouse denim is which. I'll say this though. Even though these are much more worn than my 660s, the denim is undeniably different. It feels lighter and cooler to the touch, whereas the 660 denim feels warm. Also, this denim is not slubby at all. However, they are too work for me to tell whether they're 13.5oz or 14.5.

    Anyone else have w pair of these?

    Those 1001XX look old enough that they're probably made of a denim none of use are familiar with since most of our experience is with stuff made the past ten years.

    current line up

    13.5 oz 1001 banner denim:

    900, 1001, DD1001XX, 1001SXX, DD1004, DD1004XX, 1101, 1105

    14.5 oz 1000XX denim:

    660, 800, 1000, DD1003XX, DD1003SXX

  12. On 6/18/2017 at 5:19 PM, 501XX4EVER said:

    As they seem to be Warehouse's take on the Levi's 606, eg. Lot.1106 LTD, I would say they would be nearer the 900, only maybe a bit "skinny-er".

    Yeah, I expect them to be closer to the 900 than the 1001, but looks to me like they're not going to be as low rise or narrow in the thigh as the 900.

  13. 5 hours ago, Denimstoyevsky said:

    Hey guys... I've spent days trying to wrap my mind around the different Warehouse cuts and fabrics and I'm still confused. 

    Like, looking at Frisbee's shop on Rakuten, he's got three different types of 1001SXX --two of them are 13.5, the other 14.5

    Also, what's the difference between the 1001 and the DD1001? 

    Last question... I just placed an order for a pair of 800 from Frisbee, but they suggested I double check my size. One of my comfortable pair of LVCs measures 17" at the waist, BiG style, so should I go with the 800 in size 32 b/c Warehouse tends to stretch? Or should I go with a 34 and not worry about it stretching too much? 


    The 1001SXX is the fullest cut standard model and is only available in 13.5 oz banner denim.

    The 1001 and DD1001XX are two completely different cuts. The 1001 is slimmer in the thigh and more tapered. More of a late 50s/ early 60s vibe. 1001XX is a late 40s cut, bigger than the 1001 everywhere except the waist. Both are made of the 13.5 oz banner denim.

    you should probably be ok with size 32 800s, as long as your size 34 LVC isn't tight fitting. Then you'd want a 33 or even 34.

  14. Hoping Warehouse comes out with something that catches my eye before November.  I have an extra pair of LVC '76s I'm currently planning on wearing for the next DWC, and while I really like the model, it's very regular.  I don't mean that in any sort of critical sense (the pair I'm currently wearing are the best all around pair of jeans I have), but if I'm going to wear something heavily for two years I'd like them to be something exceptional.  Day dreaming about what I'd like to see..... a new 1002, made of the LHT 1001 denim WH used for the Montgomery Ward jeans a couple years ago, with late 40s 101Z (or 101B) details, and a fit similar to the 800 (not too wide, not too narrow).  Anyone from WH out there listening? :D     

  15. On 6/3/2017 at 2:54 AM, Iron Horse said:

    Not sure about 90/10, but 80/20 supposedly holds shape better, is less scratchy, and more durable than 100% wool; of course, it might depend on who's making the wool too.

    The blend will be less scratchy. Can't comment on any of the other attributes. 

    My advice with a pea coat or mackinaw would be to focus first on fit. IMO, they're not super warm jackets to begin with, and if they're lose fitting or drafty in an area, that just makes them less warm. Inherited my girlfriends father's old Woolrich mackinaw from the late 50s. It's full through the waist and lets in enough air that I wouldn't think of wearing in temps below 45 degrees.

  16. 6 hours ago, FreeCharlesManson said:

    i think there definition of two ears of wear is more like two years of owning not 730.5days of wear 

    Probably. But then if that's the case their sage advice isn't very specific. "Two years" could be anywhere from 100 to 730 days. I always roll my eyes when I hear advice to wear X number of days, months, or years before washing, like there's some magical number you have to hit or your selvedge jeans will turned into a pair of 80s stone washed when they hit soap and water.

  17. I like the denim. Compared to what we normally see from LVC it feels heavier, is a more dense and tighter weave, and is  hairy post wash. It's a lighter shade of blue, which is fine and correct. But, I'd like to see that denim dyed with 100% indigo. Not sure if that would be the correct denim/dye for a '70 to '72 501, but it would make for a great pair of jeans. 

    If you can grab a pair of 76s for around $200 (see cultizm if you live in the US), but they're not IMO worth $285. 

  18. 8 hours ago, aho said:

    ^I legit thought it was an article from 2007...We have some time travelers in our midst! Seriously though, its hilarious to see all of that "advice" being replicated STILL almost a decade+ later but it helps one get an understanding of where someone is at in their denim fandom. 


    Yeah, I had to scroll back up to see the date after reading the article.

    i wonder, have the people who are still giving advice like this ever worn in a pair of jeans? Or are they just repeating what they've heard or read? Two years before washing? If you've got 730 days of wear into a pair of jeans, odds are they're already destroyed. And dry cleaning?! How's that better or safer than soap and water?!

    anytime I see or read about someone giving advice like this I think "amateur hour".

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