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  1. 4 hours ago, akuma no uta said:

    Wait what? Are you saying people didn’t get shit I mailed? I haven’t looked at that forum in ages cause I got bored with it. 

    You’ve been contacted by multiple people including the buyers/sellers you’ve ripped off, a friend of yours who is also a IH forum member (to whom you promised to make things right), and IHUK staff including Giles himself. To feign ignorance at this point is disgusting. 

  2. 13 hours ago, j0el2 said:

    I thought Giles mentioned the regular 18oz undergo "light sanforization" in order to stabilize shrinkage. 


    I stand corrected, I had forgotten about this. 

  3. On 6/28/2017 at 5:07 PM, j0el2 said:


    This denim now comes sanforized correct?


    Not correct. They do have a new sanforized 18oz denim, but it's a totally different denim. 

  4. I'm currently waiting on my first ever leather jacket, a Simmons Bilt Roadster in black chromexcel steer with a scarlet military viscose twill lining. I ordered it to be pretty snug, my chest measures 42" and I ordered a size 40, which will have a 22" pit-to-pit measurement, and I had them slim down the upper arms a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can tame the damn thing lol. We'll see in a month or so...

  5. I'm not familiar with the 17oz, but I have a few different IH denims -- 14oz, 21oz, 23oz, and 25oz. I've been able to get 1.5" - 2" stretch in the waist on all of them with wear. Have you tried soaking the waist and then wearing them damp? I've also seen jeans stretchers advertised that are made to stretch the waist on a pair of jeans, if you love everything else about the fit it may be worth the small investment (it would probably cost you less than the hit you'd take reselling the jeans and buying a new pair).

  6. The waist is the only measurement that will stretch significantly, if you couldn't even button the top button on the 32's and only sized up one to 33, I can't imagine that those will end up too big. Do you know what the actual waist measurement was before you started wearing them?

  7. I misread your post and thought you had the regular 634S, the 21oz denim will stretch 2" easily, I know because I've done it. I have no experience with the 17oz denim though, you may still get 2" stretch but that might be pushing it.

  8. any thought on the 14 oz denim?? after i read the IH's forum, i still doesnt get the characteristic

    is it closer to 18 or 21?



    It feels nice, but IMO there are plenty of more interesting options in the 14 oz range. I think it's closer to 18 oz as it is not as soft and loosely woven and should fade with higher contrast than the 21 oz.

    I would say the 14 oz is closer to the 21 oz in some ways, and the 18 oz in others. I just picked up a pair of 14 oz 666's, and I think the denim is fantastic. From what I'm experiencing so far, it has the softness and "stretchiness" of the 21 oz -- the weave is a bit tighter, but not nearly as tight as the 18 oz (from what I understand anyway, I don't own the 18 oz denim), but it has a lot more character than the 21 oz, and a richer, bluer indigo which makes it more like the 18 oz. I'm betting it's going to fade similarly to the 18 oz as well. It also feels quite a bit heavier than 14 oz. I have a pair of 13.5 oz Japanese selvage Nudies that feel much lighter than this 14 oz does. It feels more like 16-17 oz to me.

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