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  1. The Clerk


    Agreed, it would be tiny for a 44. But it's not big for me in in terms of my being a 44 and it not fitting. It's big for me in that I compared the sizing to a jacket that fits well across the chest but as the shoulder measurement is bigger the overall fit is too big. The sort of thing you don't know until you have actually bought a jacket, shrunk it and worm it.
  2. The Clerk


    After a couple more wears I have decided that this Cat Boy jacket is just a little big for me. Anyone wanna take it off my hands? Size 44 purchased from American Classics in London. Currently sold out at TCB. Measurements are pretty much as on the TCB site Chest 56cm Shoulder 43cm Sleeve 63cm Length 64cm Let me know if you want more details
  3. The Clerk


    No they weren't, it was a bit bigger. But since taking this photo I decided to machine wash. This is something that I swore I would never do since I first got a pair of raw LVC nearly twenty years ago, washed them and the result wash a harsh fade from a fold in the machine running diagonally down the leg. I honestly don't know how anyone can wash raw denim in the machine when it is always a gamble that this would happen. Anyway, in this instance it has worked without ruining the jacket and it has now shrunk to much closer to the measurements TCB give on their site and so I think I'm gonna keep it now. Sorry CSL. It would have been an expensive trade for me having purchased from American Classics, but only able to sell o at less than the direct from TCB price.
  4. The Clerk


    Having been so impressed with the Cat Boy denim I picked up a jacket from American classics as they're out of stock in Japan. Turns out after a soak a 44 is too big for me. Lovely jacket though. Not sure what the rules are with regards to sales posts, but if anyone want to take it off my hands please give me a shout.
  5. The Clerk


    I got a pair of Cat Boy jeans for my brother for his birthday. Hence no fit pics yesterday when I exclaimed how nice the denim was, they weren't my jeans to try on. Anyway, here he is in his new jeans
  6. The Clerk


    Oh my, oh my but the TCB Cat Boy denim is a bit blooming nice... pics to follow
  7. The Clerk


    Does beg the question, how much shrinkage does an industrial washing process create compared with my bath tube home washing...? Guess there is only one way to find out
  8. The Clerk


    Ah yes, that makes sense!
  9. The Clerk


    Yes I think that's right, different stock for sure. Just wondering how much the rigid ones will shrink?
  10. The Clerk


    Morning all, Question about the cat boy jackets. They are listed are listed as one wash on the TCB shoplift site but American Classics has stock listed as rigid, shrink to fit. Anyone know how much shrinkage to expect from the rigid jacket please?
  11. The Clerk

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    I'm up for a meet up when this crazy lockdown shit is over. Damn I miss real people. And pubs! Sorry, literally the first time I have seen this as I haven't loved on for months... Not that the sentiment doesn't stand!
  12. The Clerk


    Hi, Anyone got any thoughts on the 30s jacket vs the Cat Boy jacket please?
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